Be a Radiant Youth

In the stages of human life, Youth stage is the foundation stage that needs to be strong as to be able to withstand heavy rain and storm of life. It is the stage that determines how Human life will turn out as. Youth stage being the time of fresh vitality when you learn, acquire and begin to face with the challenges of life is the last lap of adulthood when character plays on whom we are.

Have good Aspiration, Vision and Imagination today, as this stage is full of unlimited total honour if only it is properly handled like a fragile material and fulfilling God’s thought as a radiant youth, bearing in mind that your today plays a huge role in what your tomorrow will be. Jer. 29:11.

Why not today as a youth, learn early how to overcome every obstacle on your path by drawing closer to God and resisting every work of the flesh. Do this that the rest of the road might be far smoother and that you might shine as light come what may. But without walking worthy of the Lord, no man can overcome the challenges he battle with.

Remember your God in the days of your youth when the evil day has not come Eccl. 12:1.

  • Stand out to differentiate yourself among others IICor. 6:17
  • Challenge the world in speech and conduct instead of yielding them to sin Rom. 6:12-13

What God wants from every youth is to be holy that they might be warriors and champions that look to see, see to discover and discover to recover.

This is now a call to every youth to wake to righteousness instead of flattering themselves with the expectation of great things from the world that yield no solid satisfaction to their soul, as life without Christ can only produce a bitter, lonely and helpless old age. On the other hand, a life centered on Christ Jesus is fulfilling, making the days of trouble (when disabilities, sickness, worries, causing barriers to enjoying life) satisfying.

Meditate on the word of God day and night, with the heart of discovering and recovering that you might be a radiant youth, potential warrior and an overcomer by always standing out for difference. Any man who fails to make a difference at his youth stage will grow up to be a beggar tomorrow.

Therefore, make your strength available for God rather than wasting it on evil and vain activities that becomes your habit and makes you callous.

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