The Cycle of Giving

Giving is an attitude. It’s a lifestyle that can be cultivated. It requires growth in kindness.

Giving is an act of transferring a thing owned by you (the giver) to someone else (the receiver).

Just like for an effective communication process that involves a sender and a receiver. Giving has to do with two or more people.

“It a cycle that goes and comes”. You give to receive; you receive to give out more”.

One can play both roles at different times. There are times you would be a receiver and other times you would be the giver. Most people fail at one (giving) and pass very well at the other (receiving).

As teens, we often think within ourselves what to give others. Most of us aren’t earning monthly income, except for up keep or pocket money we have been given. Even with the little, we can still try to cultivate the habit of giving.

Excitingly, giving is not always about money. There are other things you can give to people and they would appreciate them much more than money.

Some of them include:

1. Time

It’s often said that time is more precious than money. It doesn’t wait. A wise devotion of your time at doing qualitative things such as training for a skill, service to people, house chores etc. You give the time, receive the skill and do creative things with them. You make yourself proud and happy by doing this.

2. Talent

These are things you do with or without little training. You are best at doing those things. It might be writing, singing, dancing etc. You can show the act of giving by doing those things for those who are in need of them.

3. Treasure

Treasures are precious. They are things we possess and love so much. Your treasure can be money, comfort, and love. When you are able to let go these things to help someone else, it proves your maturity.

The wonderful thing about giving is that it goes from you and returns back to you in ways much more than you have given. See giving as an investment into the future. It yields abundance of fruit when sown wisely.

God is Love!
Love Gives!

Choose to love and to give from today.

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