“…I Needed to Be Loved…”

Love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person.

To be loved is to be shown affection and care. As important as love is to everyone, it sometimes gets complicated. Complicated, like expecting so much from someone but you aren’t getting it, or feeling you’ve shown enough care and affection but it seems like you’ve done nothing.

Sammy was a young high school boy who was faced with difficulties at school. He could be called the direct opposite of a class topper. As expected, Sammy was not happy with this. His parents were always scolding and blaming him for his academic failures, and he gradually began to withdraw into his shell. He found much peace when he was alone and though his parents were trying all they could to help him, Sammy would not see this. He always thought they hated him, making his parents’ efforts practically fruitless.

One of the few days Sammy seemed happy, I asked him “what do you want from your parent that would make their effort on you fruitful?”

He replied “I need them to love me even with my failures”

What! I exclaimed… “But they love you”

“They might be helping me academically but they do not really love me”

Confused, I asked why he would say such.

He said “if they truthfully love me, they would not blame me for my failures at every opportunity”.

The problem with Sammy wasn’t from his parents but from himself. To recognize the love of others for you, you need to love yourself first. Even when others try to show you love, without you loving who you are, you would not see their love towards you.

By loving yourself, you allow yourself to see when other people truly loves you.

Secondly, you should learn to show love to those you seek love from. If Sammy here had loved his parent, he would have seen that they truly loved him and that was the reason they were doing all they could to make him successful.

Closing your heart to loving others would not open your eyes to their love. LOVE begat LOVE.

Everyone needs love but we all forget to love others first. When you start to love, the old world becomes new.

Live Love!
Act Love!!
Show Love!!!

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