Three Ways to Live your Dreams

For humans to live their dream, it means they must own one.

Literally, Dream is an imaginary event seen in the mind while sleeping. It can also be a hope or wish. Culturally or traditionally, dream is defined not only as imaginary event in the mind while sleeping, but believed to have an effect in reality, which is sometimes valid. Growing up, we were told dream are sometimes inspired by what we do before we sleep.

Generally, one fact about dream is that it is imaginary, which happens in our mind. So, I will love to define dream in my own terms.

Dream is the big picture of the future in our mind that is birthed from purpose and achieved through a day to day vision.

Dream is not something you just wake up to pursue. Though it is imaginary, it must have a working principle for it to work. Dream is birthed from purpose, the very essence of your creation, the why behind your existence. Also, after your dream has been birthed from purpose, it must be streamlined into a day to day working principle called vision, since dream is the big picture of the future.

To start living your dreams, I have three ways to go about it. Note that the process is more than three ways, but I will give you the important three and leave the rest to the hands of self-discovery.

1. Discover your purpose

To start living your dream, you must discover your purpose, to help you realize what you are created for. Your design is for a specific purpose, it is in you already, discover it, activate it. The only way to know your purpose is to go back to your Maker, He who designed you. He is the one who knows why He created you, and he will surely tell, He is a faithful Father. Purpose ignites you, it is the reason why you can live or die for what you do. Make sure you know it and write it down.

2. Write your dream(s)

The best way to write your dream(s) is to write your obituary. Don’t shrink; when I say write your obituary, I mean you should write what you want people to say at your funeral. Don’t write what you have done till now, write what you want people to say about you when you die, you know dream is the big picture of the future. If you have written it, live it, that is your dream.

Note that whatever dream you want to write, it must be birthed and inspired by purpose, the inherent nature of your life.

3. Have a vision

To live your dream, you must have a vision. Vision is the day-to-day working principle of your dream. Your vision is where you generate passion and energy. It is the eyes of your purpose, the reason why you keep doing the same thing every day without fading. Write your vision, but note that you may have to write and rewrite your vision at every point in life.

Finally, the best fuel for your vision is information; feed it with the right feeds. For no matter how beautiful your dream may be, no matter how glorious your purpose may be, if vision is not well grease and informed with right information, you may never fulfill your purpose and you may never achieve your dream.

For humans to live their dream, it means they must own one.

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