4 Most Significant Roles of a Leader

Do you know that as a leader, you have some significant roles to play? Leaders are known to take significant roles that can be beneficial to others or organizations. There are many places we can find ourselves leading; be it in school (as a school prefect or an executive), in the church, mosque, or any other formidable organization. We should know that leadership is an act of service.

Delegating responsibility involves the act of committing and distributing tasks among team members or followers. This is a significant role of a leader. You must be aware of members’ strengths and strategize on how to improve their weaknesses. … More 4 Most Significant Roles of a Leader


How To Promote Your Sight As A Teenager

The human eyes are as important as every other part of your body. I believe you should promote the health of your eyes and sight as a teenager. However, there are many misconceptions about human eyes, especially for teenagers, which is why many are concerned about their sight.

As a teenager, you must understand that your vision is still developing, and you need to take care of it properly. This article will explain five ways to promote your sight and prevent any form of injury or infection. … More How To Promote Your Sight As A Teenager

How to Develop Big Picture Thinking

Big picture thinking as a teenager entails thinking beyond what we can see with our sight, hear with our ears or feel with our hands. It is a picture of the mind. It is an excellent picture developed in our mind that sticks closely to our memories, plans and journals. Our dreams and aspiration, our goal and plans all together form our big picture. Pictures reveal our identity. Pictures keep moments alive. … More How to Develop Big Picture Thinking