What Really Matters- Know Your WHY

Every day, we live our lives, and all we do can be summed up as chasing what we think is most important to us. This race of life is just about trying to get every form of satisfaction we can derive from what life presents to us.

Life happens and there is so little you can do about it but at the end of it all, what really matters? What stands after the test of time? What will you hold dear?

Asking this question is simply trying to know what is important-what things would not lose its value when life happens and takes its toll. Living is precious but yet predictable and as it were, only a few things really matter.

Success in our endeavours, achieving our plans and fulfilling our desires seems to be the hallmark of a fulfilled life and this is what we all want. It is not bad but after it all, what will be left? When you acquire that expensive possession, what is next? What is left when you enjoy it and life moves on? Then the new desire comes? What will still remain precious?

There will always be a ‘why’ to everything you do. Your motives that is the reasons behind whatever action you take is what will matter after all has been said and done.

The extent to which you derive satisfaction from your endeavours and achievements is determined beyond every reasonable doubt by why you did them.

Before you start chasing those dreams, channelling your energy and resources into getting that fame, ask yourself that bitter but essential question “why?”

Please know that this is not to scare you from pursuing your dreams but to help you to get the best out of your life’s journey. It is imperative we have a clearly defined purpose for all actions because of what makes it all count.

People. We meet them daily. Some become our friends and some, unavoidably, our enemies. And some just remain the people we know. Days pass. Times change and people also change and so we make new friends and new enemies. Even fictional characters like the ones in Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations knew that “Life is ever a series of partings”. When these happen, what will remain dear and important? What will really matter?

The quality of our relationships with people matter but what really matters is our impact on each other. This what we remember after all has been said and done and life happened. We need to make conscious efforts to build better relationships with people around us because, at the end of it all, it is these things that last.

You are the architect of your life, they say. Yes, you are. Because when life happens, you and you alone will determine what you will get out of it all.

Take your life by your hands and live life- enjoy and work hard not forgetting that all that really matters is why you do those things.


Does making impact matter to you? How do you ensure you consciously have that in mind in all that you do? What’s your WHY?