Start Afresh Everyday

The tomorrow you dreamed about is right here, wake up! 

I wouldn’t want to sugar coat, but isn’t it amazing that the tomorrow you always dreamed of has no mistakes in it yet. It’s a new beginning, a fresh page, a great start. 

It’s perfectly okay to desire a fresh start but alas, it’s not as hard as it seems. Burn the bridges of your past! it’s high time you left wonderland. The future is in your hands. I know you fancy the fairytale dreams but make it into a reality, stop sleeping on it. 

Why do you need a fresh start? 

A lot of people clamour, they think it’s all a bad dream, they want to wake up from it and boom! let the sun rise again- the dawn of a new day. Yes, the sun will rise for a new dawn but has the past gone to sleep in you? 

For every baggage of blame, the past has dumped on you, enough! the journey ahead is quite long, let it off, quit the blame game. In years to come, you will laugh over these struggles. Maybe it’s not in your place to fix a broken piece, why not start over again? 

  • Are you ready for a fresh start?
  • Where are you currently?
  • Where are you headed? 

Everyone feels it’s about starting all over again, but failure to plan is a sure plan to fail. You might just end up in the ditch you are if you are still in ‘la la la’ land. 

Statistics reveal we have too many speakers; quit the charade, we need actors. The world as a stage has enough spectators, you might have played and lost but the field is calling for more players, reinforce and get back to the game. 

Indeed, you might have tried it for the 1001st time but there’s still room for another trial. It might not have been the fairy-tale life you dreamt of, but it’s yours, no one can live it for you.

Rumble the ocean and let in new creatures. Plan intentionally. A mansion didn’t just appear with magic. Fix the bits and pieces. 

It doesn’t matter about your speed, it’s the results that matters, remember even the tortoise concluded the race. 

Forgive yourself, cut the ropes that bind you to the past, be dead to the old times, live in the present. 

When the past comes calling, shut it up! It bears stale news! 

There’s no greater hope in knowing that the great start you imagined could have been achieved the next day. Be a beginner every single morning, and that starts today!

Think about that one thing you can hit the reset button on today.


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