Punctuality Has a Reward

Mr. Tayo was a first class graduate of geography from Lagos State University but had practically been jobless since his 6 years of graduation from the university. He had searched for a job so much that he had even been defrauded out of desperation.
His Wife Gloria worked with the Oyo state government, so she had been the one providing for their home of three. They had only a daughter at the time.

This couple, however, were fervent workers in the church. Mr. Tayo functioned in various departments in the sanctuary; he was a member of more than five units where he served faithfully and was always punctual.

His wife, on the other hand, was the children teacher, she was so devoted. Their family would be the first to get to church on Sunday mornings and although their house was many miles away, they would get to church earlier than members who even lived around the church. They were role models of punctuality, youths and teenagers looked up to them.

There was also another brother in the church, Bro John, who was at the time jobless too, he was also a very punctual brother.

Pastor Kunle was the parish pastor, he was a high ranking official at the federal ministry of Works, he had connections. Unknowingly, he had been observing these two persons, that is Mr. Tayo and bro John while looking forward to a job slot coming from a Federal Agency.

When he finally got the slot for the Job, he kept calm until Sunday morning. That particular morning, he got to the church earlier than Mr. Tayo’s family and Bro john’s.
He decided he was going to give the Job to whoever got to church first, between Mr. Tayo and bro John.

Fortunately, Mr. Tayo came first and that was how his status changed from a jobless person to a working person.

Bro John came after, and he had no idea what had happened.

The pastor’s plan was hidden from both of them.

Did you say Mr. Tayo was lucky? No, he Wasn’t. His Punctuality just paid off.

As teenagers, whatever we do and wherever we do it, let’s be disciplined enough to stick to punctuality.

It is hard, but not impossible.

Punctuality is learnable. It is great. It pays. It is a compulsory principle we must give strict adherence to!

You never know when it will help your life.

See you at the top!

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