My Love, My Muse | A Poem

I can see you with a sounding guitar
each string you play unifies my orchestra
sets my tempo in the pace of your temple
faster than beat per minute possible to pull

Your accelerando drags me with drastic pull
to the genre of music played by you
you remain the singer and string keeper
while I dance to the electronic music you offer

Your music brings a renaissance to my longing soul
how greatly I’ll always love your role!
very, very slowly; broadly, slowly, fastly
you set the pace of which I always need

This tempo guisto reveals your consistency –
consistency is the beauty of the music I see;
speed may differ, voice may change
but this can cause our minds no rage

You are not too much but always enough
you are my half, I Am your half;
these halves now house a whole house
on a melodic note that never dies.


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