School Outreach 1- Oyo, Nigeria

At Ambassadors academy, Oyo. Olooro, Oke oroki, OYO. Thursday, 26th January 2017.

Ambassadors academy,

The program started by 12:20pm with an opening speech by the school principal. There were 75 students (JSS1-SS3) in attendance.

After we were introduced, Damilola Akinyemi went ahead to tell them about TMO and what we have come to do. She started the teaching from the explanation of what prayer is all about,the meaning and characteristics of teen age, what teens should do before prayer and how teenagers should pray.

Teenagers praying

When she was through, I (Victoria Adepoju) went ahead to explain to them the reasons why teenagers should pray, what should teens note about prayer and some misconceptions about prayer, examples of teenagers that prayed in the bible.

Mrs Temitope Olaniyi went ahead to conclude with her story which goes thus;

‘When I was eight years old, my mum lost her job and I started crying because apart from my school fees and other important needs that my dad provides, it is my mum that provide food and junks for me. Then I went to my room and told God that he should please restore my mum’s work so that I won’t go hungry. A week later, God answered my prayer, she was called back to work and since then I had understood the power behind prayer’.

Ambassadors academy

Lessons to learn from the story:

  1. Don’t see yourself as too small to pray.
  2. God understands how we feel, go to him and explain to Him how you feel; he is always ready to help you.
  3. Even if it is just a word of prayer, God listens and He will answer you.

The program ended with prayer session both for the students, their future and the school authority.

TMO Representative: Victoria Adepoju
Workforce: Damilola Akinyemi and Temitope Olaniyi

Ambassadors academy
TMO rep and workforce with school prefects and staffs

The theme for our school outreaches follow our monthly theme, and the theme for this month is: The Praying Teenager.

Our sincere gratitude goes to God Almighty for the success of this, and also the school for approving our visit and also permitting these pictures.


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