Creating a Second Chance After a Major Setback

Not again!

You were meant to graduate from High School this year but something happened and you had an extra year to stay…

The wedding cards were printed and distributed, but few weeks to the D-day life happened and you’re still unmarried…

Your boss called you on Sunday night to inform you of your next promotion but after a long board meeting on Monday, the names changed and you weren’t promoted…

Okay, I know by now you’ve gotten a definition of a setback. You are simply not where you envisioned to be. And the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t made it any easier.

How do you handle this?

Now, you don’t know where to begin. 

How do I handle this setback? 

Is there hope for a comeback?

Will my name be shortlisted for the next promotion?

Will I overcome this shame and be happy again?

Will I meet up with the demands of this new academic calendar and get placement at college?

You need a second chance

Yes, there is a comeback!

Yes, there is a second chance to do better!

But you have to create one.

And your motive for a second chance shouldn’t be to prove a point rather, let progress be your driving force.

Creating a second chance

I’ll gladly share a few practical ways to create the second chance you need.


I start with prayers because it’s the primary place to begin. I understand that praying through a major setback can be difficult. But a simple prayer like “God please help me through this setback (specify it)” can create a lot of change.

I remember when I was faced with an academic setback: having to change college twice, starting all over, etc. Praying then wasn’t fun, but I just had to talk to God anyway because I knew that prayer changes things.

If there is someone to pray, then there is a God to answer.


It’s one thing to pray for a comeback and another to be prepared for it.

Preparation time is not lazy time!

If you need a second chance then you have to study for it, make the necessary connections, ask relevant questions, find out ways to do it better.

The promotion wouldn’t come until you are prepared for it. Neither will admission into college come until you study and sit for the placement examinations.

Expect it

After, you’ve played your part of preparation and prayers, be expectant.

Don’t lose hope now, don’t give up now! Joyce Meyer said; “anyone can quit but not you”.

I understand waiting for anything is hard but wait with a good attitude for your comeback.

My comeback came when I almost gave up the idea of returning to college. Thank God I was still expectant!

So hold on, because your second chance is just a call away and God is faithful to give you a comeback.

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How did you create your second chance? Feel free to share with me in the comment section.


One thought on “Creating a Second Chance After a Major Setback

  1. The mentors given me encouraged 2nd tries. Daddy would say, there are the wills, the won’s, the cant’s.
    the will are determined
    The wont’s refuse to,
    the can’s are physically or mentally unable. At time I was in all three categories.

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