My Parents Push Me Too Hard

To some extent, I would like to suggest having your parent push you hard is a good thing; having parents who wants the best for you in every area and wanting the best thing for you is an encouraging effect.

Although, there are two sides to a coin. We have parents who stir us too hard because they can see your potentials, even when you do not see it. We also have the kind of parents, who because of bragging rights among their peers, neglect their responsibility as parents, letting their children go through the psychological effect of failure simply because there is misguidance along the line.

For me, as a person, while growing up, I didn’t have those who would push me too hard. It was a decision I had to make on my own because I never enjoyed failing. I had to set my mind not to settle even when I was only 13 years old. I did not have much of a fighting spirit but I knew I must be among the top class students. That was working quite alright and it helped me through Secondary School.

Then, I had a dramatic change because I needed a new strategy and that strategy was having someone who believes in me at all cost because the harder it got, the more I needed to be pushed harder. My sister, who is my guardian, saw something I did not see for myself, she recognized my potential and continued to push me harder in a positive track. She contributed by slashing my TV hours and encouraged me to read more.

It was more like feeding my focus and starving my distractions.

My distractions were movies. She recognized that and she helped me through. Now, I am a final year student in the University and I have been graced enough to reach this point because I was courteous enough to follow her advice.

There is a popular adage says:

What an adult sees while sitting down, a child cannot see even while standing on a coconut tree.

I believe that before your parents can throw you a piece of advice, they must have seen something in you. Your parents understand your capacity, they know your potential, not only because they brought you into this world but because they have been able to study you over time.

They understand your strengths and weaknesses, which gives them the ability to shield you against threats and stir you forward in search of opportunities, to help explore your potentials.

Parents are your earthly guardians, they want the best for you and can go to any length, just so you can be happy. Parent are equivocal to you having a boss. They simply want you to find the different dimension of yourself.

If you have a parent who pushes you too hard in line with your dreams or something extremely demanding, instead of running off crying wolf. Sit down to hear what they have to say.

Their accumulated experience has no diminishing returns. You cannot learn that overnight, you certainly cannot pay to learn that and also,  a  lecture room cannot tell you the truth about life, so listen to your parents.

I believe that there is nothing like having parents that are “too difficult”. Everything that is done by parents is birthed out of love for you. I believe you can see the atom of love in this scripture:

Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.

Proverbs 13:24 NIV

It emphasizes a deep love from a parent to a child, even though it depicted a love that came from discipline and flogging with a rod. It is equivalent to correction and I believe we correct those we love and those we want the best for.

It is a difficult decision to hit someone you love but if it is necessary, you can do it from a place of love. Your happiness is why your parent are living. All they do is for you to be comfortable.

I will like to add that decisions are made for you when your parents sense your incapacity of making a sensible decision.

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Do you feel your parents push you too hard? What do you think can be done to make it easier?

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