A Letter to My Success

Dear Success,

It is with a great admiration and anticipation that I write you today. I know the honour, values and positivity associated to you. it is apt for a man to work towards acquiring you. Achieving success is not an easy task, it is one that requires lot of commitment and dedication.

Letter is a way of connecting to individuals to share some thoughts together. It is also a form of precise term of a statement or requirement.

SUCCESS, I write you to enable you know how desperate I am to achieving and acquiring you and all hands are on deck to make this become a reality.

Dear Success, I am working tirelessly and proficiently against all odds to come to terms with you,to make a lifelong agreement that will lead to forever togetherness with you.

All hopes and aspirations are high, the traffic on your self-controlled road is much, I am trying to maneuver through the potholes with branches named SETBACKS, DISAPPOINTMENTS and I am also trying all my best in playing the routes named after REALITY and LIFE successfully.

It is believed that every successful being go through one difficulties or the other which can be tabled in a story format.

However, I know that your theme is “NEVER GIVE UP”. I am trying my best to adapt to the heated atmosphere that leads to success.

TIME is best for everyone, I have a belief that everything is “clocked” for us. SUCCESS, expect me soonest in your kingdom.

You are not complete without me neither am I complete without you.We are beneficial and indebted to each other.

Dear Success, I know you await my arrival, be patient with me, WE WILL TURN UP TOGETHER SOON.

                                                                                                                                    Your Dear Friend                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ©2019

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9 thoughts on “A Letter to My Success

  1. Waoh
    This write up is really amazing
    Shows that you’re recalling yearning for success and I pray we all be successful.


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