LPOH 6.0 Update | Win one, win a thousand | An outreach with a difference

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When we started the Leaving Prints On Hearts project in 2017, all we wanted was to have a group of teenagers and young adults give into the community and spread kindness around. We have since impacted over 3000 people via this project alone. In six years, LPOH has evolved into something much more better and deliberate.

This year, we visited three locations, a smaller number compared to previous years. This was done in the space of three months.


We plan to follow up on the teenagers we connected with at each of these locations and see ways we can support them moving forward. If you will like to partner with us on this, kindly send us an email via teensmeetonline@gmail.com or send us a DM on any of our social platforms – @teensmeetonline.

This post contains a summary of what happened in all locations and a detailed financial report on items bought and distributed.



House Of Providence Special School For Children With Intellectual Disability, Yemetu-Alaadorin, Ibadan. 15th July 2022.

Volunteers: Miracle Abraham, Oluwatomilola Ajibade, Oluwatimileyin Bolawa, Oluwatobi Oyelami, Oluwadara Alabi

TMO Ibadan LPOH6
TMO Volunteers, Ibadan Nigeria

The first members of the TMO Ibadan team arrived at House of Providence School and Mr Oluwaseun, one of the educational instructors in the school, welcomed them and helped offload the items we had brought. Other members of the school staff, including the physiotherapists, speech trainers, and facility managers, trooped out to welcome us.

At about 10:30am, an instructor led us into the assembly/dining hall to meet the students. We were pleasantly surprised at how excited they were to meet the team as every member took turns introducing themselves. The teachers had informed us earlier that the students’ favourite activity was dancing because it helped to unify them regardless of their level of disability.

Following their recommendation, an instructor brought out a set of portable drums, and we spent time singing and dancing with the students. After the invigorating dance session that doubled as an effective icebreaker, we started to mingle with the students. We were able to hold one-on-one conversations with the students verbally and through sign language as Oluwatomilola helped with basic interpretation. Oluwatimileyin also helped devise games to keep the more hyperactive students happily engaged.

When we were less involved with the students, we took some time to meet the school principal, Reverend Father Marc Mamona, in his office. He commended TMO’s work, particularly the LPOH outreach that had brought the Ibadan team to House of Providence school, and asked us for any reviews or comments we had. Pursuant to our decision to adopt the school, we made plans for all TMO Ibadan members to volunteer there individually and collectively in the time to come.

We returned to the students at about 12:00 noon to help prepare lunch. Every team member helped the instructors set the tables, serve the students, feed those restricted in their ability to eat independently, and clean up afterwards. At about 12:40pm, after lunch, we retreated to the class area with the students, where we interacted with them again. Just before the close of school at 1pm, we had another fun round of singing and dancing!

The instructors took pictures and videos of us with the students, all of which had to be kept with them according to the policy for managing children with disabilities. However, the team took pictures with the members of staff and around the school premises as we bade the students goodbye.

TMO Ibadan LPOH6

The Ibadan team’s LPOH 6.0 outreach was, by far, the best we have had yet. It offered an opportunity to reach out to a demographic we had never ventured out to and connect with them on a personal level without the stringent restrictions of “regular” situations. With the willingness of the children to open up to us and their requests to have the team come again soon, I can confidently say that we genuinely left prints on their hearts.


Wesley Girls Senior Secondary School, Yaba, Lagos. 20th September 2022.

Volunteers: Surulere Elizabeth, Oluwarotimi Ojeniyi, Boluwatife Adu, Mercy Uwaje, Tofunmi Kolawole, Solomon Emakwu, Naomi Akinseye, and Omowunmi Oduneye

TMO Volunteers, Lagos Nigeria

For the sixth edition of LPOH in Lagos, we visited Wesley Girls Senior Secondary School. We had earlier paid a visit in July where we conversed with the school administration, explaining what the organization is about and how we intend to go about the project.

The event which had about 100 students in attendance started off with an introductory session by Elizabeth Surulere. This was preceded by a session held by Solomon Emakwu, explaining the aim and objectives and the overview of the organization. The main session featured a topic on PURPOSE led by Oluwarotimi Ojeniyi, a certified TMO teens coach. Thereafter, a question and answer session, led by Elizabeth Surulere saw a couple of students cart away with gifts.

The students were highly responsive and excited and they welcomed the team with enthusiasm.

The organization distributed TMO customized tote bags, exercise books, and book dividers to the students.


Speaking after the event, Adura Precious, the Senior Prefect of the school had this to say;

“I learnt a lot about Purpose and its application. I wish to join TMO and I’ll love to reach out to teenagers behind me.”

Ibrahim Ruqoyat, an SS3A student said she was inspired by the event, and appreciated the organization for its generosity.

Adebanjo Rihannat, another SS3A student said the programme was impactful, she learnt about purpose, the phases of life, education, and eventually appreciated the organization for their time and the souvenirs.


Overall, the TMO Lagos team found the experience exciting and would do a follow-up with some of the students with time.


Jiboroh Village. 20th August 2022.

Volunteers: Faith Kolawole, Kaddy Jarra, Oyinkansola Muniru, Susan Nwachukwu, Tamdi Sammani, Taiwo Temenu, and Munachi Ekeocha.

TMO Volunteers, The Gambia

Like in previous years, The Gambia had a village outreach but this time, it was at Jiboroh Village. We had earlier reached out to the community to find out if it was a suitable place for our project. This had us connecting with the MENDY family with a good reputation in the community and were willing to support us. The Mendys gave us access to the catholic church in their care that we could use as our place of convergence.

TMO Gambia LPOH6

We got to the venue at about 9:00am and kicked off plans almost immediately The volunteers (both TMO and the Mendys) were divided into categories, to ensure someone is doing something. While half went on house-to-house visits, the others stayed back at the church to arrange all the items brought. This included segregating the clothes, shoes, bags, etc, according to age groups and gender. Also, measuring the rice into bags and arranging the foodstuff.

We visited as many homes as we could, explaining what TMO is about and our goal regarding the project at Jiboroh. We kindly asked them to meet us at the church by 10:30am when the program was scheduled to start.

After converging with a good number of people, Faith started the session by talking about the LPOH project while the Mendys interpreted in their local language and ensured things were in order. After the general session, we singled out the teenagers among them to talk to them specially.

The session with the teenagers was handled by Faith, Susan, and Kaddy. While Faith and Susan emphasized TMO’s goals and how the organization can be beneficial to them, Kaddy – who is also a Gambian – spoke to them in the Wolof language and let them know she is one of them but also part of TMO and can assure them that they are in good hands.

We got the contact details of the teenagers and assured them that we will follow up, with a high possibility of coming back to the community.

We then distributed the items we brought, took numerous pictures, laughed and played together and went home.

Download Financial Report

View/download the full financial report of this outreach below.

To partner, email teensmeetonline@gmail.com or send us a DM on any of our social platforms – @teensmeetonline.

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