LPOH5 Update | 400 Hearts + Financial Report

Scroll to the bottom to download financial report.

Just recently, we celebrated our fifth anniversary and shared our success story so far. Every year, for the past five years now, we reach out to Schools and Communities to impact teenagers and the community at large.

The LPOH project, also known as Leaving Prints On Hearts, started in 2017 as a way to commemorate our anniversary and give back to the society. Unlike other projects, this particular one isn’t focused on Teenagers and Young Adults but rather on the community- both young and old.

From the first to the fourth edition, we collectively reached out to over 2000 community members in 9 locations across two countries. This year, we reached out to 400. The LPOH5 edition was held in 5 locations across Nigeria and The Gambia and on three different days- the 3rd, 8th, and 10th of July 2021.

This post contains a summary of what happened in all locations and a financial report on how we spent the funds we received from several kind people who donated to the cause.

LOCATIONS: Lagos, Cross-River/Calabar, Ogbomoso, Ibadan, and The Gambia.

Ogundimu Street, Iwaya, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

LPOH5 Lagos

Volunteers: Surulere Elizabeth, Omowunmi Oduneye, and Adefarati Adewale

A street outreach carried out on the 3rd of July 2021. We distributed foodstuff to children, teenagers, and parents on Ogundimu street.

Number of Hearts: 135

The TMO Lagos team had this to say:

As years go by, we are constantly reminded just how much it means to place our touch of love in the lives of these children, teenagers, and parents, knowing that we are indeed leaving prints on their hearts in the littlest ways we can. Good deeds never end, and we will consistently push this out there to solve a tiny bit of the problems in society.

Details of items distributed are in the financial report.

Divine Providence Home, Ekponsa Abasi, Uwanse. Cross River State.

Motherless Babies Orphanage.

An outreach to an orphanage carried out on the 3rd of July 2021. We distributed foodstuff and some household cleaning items.

LPOH5 Calabar

Volunteers: Victor Okon Ekpe, Akpan Idorenyin Michael

LPOH5 Calabar

Number of Hearts: 32

The TMO Calabar team had this to say:

The outreach was awesome. It saw everyone happy and hoping for the next outreach. We gave a health talk on personal hygiene to the children and on obedience to their caregivers. We also shared with the caregivers the need for proper environmental hygiene. The caregivers thanked us and the kids expressed their love to TMO for the love they received.

Details of items distributed are in the financial report.

City of Refuge Orphanage, Owolaake, Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

An outreach to an orphanage carried out on the 8th of July 2021. We distributed foodstuff and some household cleaning items.

LPOH5 Ogbomoso

Volunteers: Doyinsola Oni, Ajiboye Better, Ogunmola Victoria

Number of Hearts: 20

The TMO Ogbomoso team had this to say:

The outreach was a success. We told them about the love of God that despite their circumstances, God is always with them and He loves them They were also charged to maintain a relationship with God by daily fellowship with Him. On behalf of the orphanage, the wife of the coordinator appreciated TMO for the thoughtfulness. She expressed gratitude for the foodstuff received and prayed for the organization.

Jesus’ Kids Orphanage, Iwo-Road. Ibadan.

An outreach to an orphanage carried out on the 10th of July 2021. We distributed writing materials to the kids.

LPOH5 Ibadan

Volunteers: Miracle Abraham, Odunayo Ehis, Oluwatomi Ajibade

Number of Hearts: 16

The TMO Ibadan team had this to say:

This was the TMO Ibadan team’s first outreach to an orphanage, and it was a resounding success. The children’s enthusiasm to listen to us and engage us, and how much more excited they got upon opening their packages meant everything and more.

We spoke to them about the love and passion for helping those in need that birthed TMO, and why that passion should drive them to help others in need in every way they can. We asked them about their future aspirations and some of them responded, saying that they wanted to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, and criminologists. We encouraged them to pursue their dreams with Jesus as the wind beneath their wings and reassured them that no dream was too lofty for them to achieve.

Details of items distributed are in the financial report.

New York, YUNA Village, The Gambia.

A village outreach carried out on the 3rd of July 2021. We distributed foodstuff, writing materials, and fairly used clothes, shoes, and bags.

Volunteers: Taiwo Temenu, Aja Mansata Bajo, Daniel ben-Ajepe, Amelia Nandi, Tobi Bankole, Oyin Muniru.

Number of Hearts: 200

The TMO Gambia team had this to say

YUNA Village was the very place we visited for our first edition of LPOH in 2017, so it was a delight to be back. Our hosts were glad to have us back and some of the villagers could recognize us. We started off with house-to-house visits telling them about the love of Christ, who we are, and why we needed them to converge at the Church. When we had a good number, we took the kids outside to talk to them about Christ and afterwards distributed writing materials and sweets to them.

The adults, on the other hand, listened to a brief sermon and some accepted Christ and were willing to become members of the church. We then distributed what we brought for them.

Details of items distributed are in the financial report.

We will like to express our gratitude to everyone who came together to make LPOH5 a success. From the TMO Army to our online and offline supporters and most especially, our donors, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.

Download Financial Report

When we crowdfund, we owe it to the public what we did with the funds we received. Click on the file below to download the financial report for LPOH5 in all locations.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at teensmeetonline@gmail.com and we’ll attend to it.

If you missed the chance to donate to this outreach, you can always use our donation link to donate any time for future projects.


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