How to Become a Better Person to Yourself and Others

Relationships are beautiful, especially when everyone involved understands the purpose. In this case, relationships could be among family, schoolmates, colleagues, street or church friends and anyone else you can imagine.

Here are a few practical ways by which you can become a better person to yourself:

Read Positive Books

There is so much power in books that can transform people daily. Becoming a better person is a process of change and reading good books is one sure way to attain that transformation. By reading books, you are opened to extra ideas that can change your mindset and help your thinking. At the same time, you can contribute intelligently to relevant discussions with other people because you are informed. You can start with a book each month, or based on your speed, one in two weeks or even a few days. Whichever the case, keep reading and you will become a better person.

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Learn Something New Daily

Growth is hugely dependent on consistency and learning is one big part of growth. You could decide to learn about people management, communication and related skills or anything at all to help you become a better person. The internet today has made this very possible with resource platforms like Youtube and multiple websites and blogs online. You should learn something about music, religion, spirituality, academic excellence, finance, politics, governance and anything else. You must commit to learning something daily, no matter how little or insignificant you think it is.

Practice Kindness

Contrary to what many people think, it doesn’t cost you anything to be kind. You can simply ask if the next person needs some help, check-up frequently on people around you and engage in many little but meaningful acts. When doing this, you can decide to trust your instincts or simply be led by God’s spirit. That way, you are putting smiles on the faces of people and helping their lives get better while you also find joy and therapy doing so.

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When you are involved with people in any way, you must work towards becoming a better person. When relating with people, you definitely want to enjoy benefits, which is mutual to the other party. These benefits will not go round or could make the relationship seem exhausting if you are the same person every day. Imagine eating rice only for two consecutive weeks? You’d definitely get tired, eating the same meal daily for that long. This is how it is for relationships and becoming a better person is a way to always serve something different on the relationship table.

How then can you become a better person for yourself and others? How can you be identified as the guy or lady who pushes the best to make the friendship better and spice things up?

Know that you are the first beneficiary of every positive change that comes to you.

After you have benefitted, it is only then others can take part. If you cooked a meal, you’d likely serve yours first before knocking on your neighbour’s door to ask if they have not eaten for the day. Our relationship with people should be mutually beneficial and that is where value comes in. If you do not improve yourself and get better by the day, whatsoever you bring to the table will be mediocrity and no one, anywhere, including you, will accept that.

How do you intend to become a better person to yourself and others starting today? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments.


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