Building Resilience

Life, they say, is what you make out of it. All of your efforts would pay off, they constantly say. Nobody tells you just how much effort is required, or how your efforts would go unnoticed and unrewarded.

Nobody prepares you for the disappointment and failures that are a part of life. This time, you learn on the job. Gathering experience, avoiding the mistakes made by others, yet making your own. Wanting to give up, yet finding the zeal to go on.

If only you are stronger or perhaps better you think, so you put in the required effort. You take that course, sign up for that training, carry out that research, discovering new ways to improve yourself.

You are done with the status quo, so you step out of your comfort zone, beyond the horizon, expanding your network, building a strong circle of friends, but more importantly, a solid support system.

People of like minds, goal driven, result getting individuals making an impact in the world and changing lives.

Soon, you are on top of your game because you aren’t allowed to settle for less.

Regardless of how many times you fail, there is always a hand to catch you. And if you ever feel like nothing is worth it, you are reminded of the sacrifice on Calvary’s hill. A reminder that:

  • You weren’t bought to be a mediocre
  • You weren’t created to be just another human
  • You weren’t set free to become a slave to fear and failure!

And so you jump back in, equipped and prepared for the battle.

You are Stronger, you are better and more importantly, you are resilient! So you push, stretching beyond your limits, bending instead of breaking, overcoming obstacles, and getting the medal you deserve!

This is resilience!!

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What does being resilient mean to you?


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