The Process: Wait and Be Cooked

Our contemporary world is fashioned in such a way that the word “process” make little or no sense to an average teenager. Every youngster around wants to wake up one morning and become the next trending star.

Apart from the fact that this catholic orientation is myopic, it is also very lethal to our future, as teenagers.

You can’t be made without sojourning through the making process, no tree grows from above. There’s a process.

There’s always the growth stage and it is wisdom on your part, as a teenager, to comply with this stage so you can attain a flawless growth.

Any successful person you see in the world today didn’t get to the top at an instant, it took days,weeks, months and years of conscious efforts and grooming before they became successful. There’s always a story behind the veil of any good success.

Mind you, processes differ in individuals. The process I am going through could be different from yours, just like you won’t make a doughnut the same way you’d make a cake. Their processes are different but at the end, what’d matter is that they have been made.

Do you know how horrible a half-cooked food tastes? Apart from the taste, it is deadly for the person eating it. This is more reason you have to wait and be thoroughly cooked so you don’t deliver ill products to the world.

So, stop comparing yourself to your classmate, stop wishing you were in his shoes because it seems he/she has a lot of things you’re dying to have or because he’s going through nothing you’re going through.

Yes, your process could be tougher than your friend’s and that’s because kingly products cannot be produced anyhow. They require extra care and total training because they are coming to blaze unimaginable trails once they get out of the process.

You don’t compare a substandard to a super standard.

Why not hold your peace and allow yourself to be cooked well? Don’t rush things, be groomed.

You have failed a major exam for three consecutive times and you feel you’re so not a fortunate person? I guess you don’t know that failure is the closest phase to success. Ask the world’s best inventors.

Whatever doesn’t go through the rigors of process in life can never give anything tangible and eternal to the world.

Stop pitying yourself, congratulate yourself because you’ve just moved a step further, now more closer, to success.

I will go through my process with joy and pride.
Go through your process with joy and pride.

See you at the top!

Have you ever had to go through a tough process? What was the outcome like?

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