5 Tips to Help You Deal with Rejection

Rejection is an act of refusing to accept ideas, standards, or people.

In other words, it means to treat as an outcast.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to swallow a bitter substance? I can bet you spat it out. That’s exactly what rejection feels like- casting out. It is a hard pill to swallow.

As humans, at one point or the other, we would find ourselves in a situation where we have to deal with rejection. It could be from loved ones, family, friends, or whosoever. In like manner, we would likely extend the same attitude to other people or ideas.

As humans, the greatest brunt of rejection falls on us; after all, we are the ones with feelings. Studies have shown that the only cure to deal with being rejected lies in the recipient’s hands.

Life is an infinitesimal portion of what happens to you, but the greater percentage is how you react to it.

Rejection is a great challenge, it’s a hit to our ego, a question on how good enough we are. It doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t good enough, it often means the one who cast you out failed to notice what you have to offer. You should always bear in mind that people sometimes reject expensive things they can’t afford.

To deal with Rejection, these tips might come in handy:

1. Improve your dignity

Know your own worth, don’t create a pity party and beat up yourself when people feel you are not up to their own standards. People reject because of their own prejudiced beliefs, quit vying for a preference scale.

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2. Acceptance

Acknowledge it. It doesn’t kill you, it builds you; learn to accept it however it comes. Majority of the people who made it today faced rejection one time or the other. Colonel Sanders of KFC chicken got a lot of capital negative replies before finally making a headway with his recipe. As it is often said “The building stone rejected by the builder might turn out to the cornerstone”. Accept it and move on.

3. Restrategise

The same blow should never hit you twice, apply new strategies in handling relationships. Sometimes, people reject our behavior and not us in personal.

4. Learn new things

Rather than wallow in self pity, learn more, shoot towards horizons, partake in physical activities that deals with relaxing the mind.

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5. Consider Counselling

A lot of people find it hard to deal with being cast aside. It is agonizing that major suicide cases has rejection as the root cause, be it relationships, academics or whatnot. Yes, academics. The education system has rejected an application from you this year but it doesn’t end there, a better shot could yield fruits. Bill gates got rejected while in school but today, he is an employer to a large percentage of people who earned degrees.

Seek help if you can’t deal with it alone.

6. Evaluation

In some cases, rejection could be from family, due to disagreement in course of study, choice of partner among others, or better still sense of lack of affection. Approach this angle with wisdom, come to terms and try to reach an agreement. Family is the only unit that will always be there, other people might leave.

Let go of fear, let go of rejection, let go of judgments upon you, meet new people if half of the squad rejects you.

In retrospect, its funny how I used to beat myself up about getting rejected, I filled my head with thoughts so low, I struggled with weights, I questioned my value. I now laugh over those times because majority of these rejection came about as a result of standing on the good principles.

Don’t go against morals, don’t go into vices to prevent people from leaving your hands in the crowd. Tables might still turn tomorrow.

Even as sinners, God accepts us with outstretched arms when we seek His face, so why should mere mortals have to place a tag of acceptance upon you.

The earlier you realize your own worth, the better.

Do you even realize some people rejected you because they felt intimidated by you? Some people feel you appear more beautiful, or brilliant or talented, exciting, among others.

However, no matter how rejection appears, get ahead.

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Don’t let the dark shadows overwhelm you, let go and move on, you are worth more than you can ever imagine.

Have you ever had to deal with rejection? How did you go about it? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments below.

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