Power or Oppression?

When power is bestowed upon a man, it is not to oppress the others and doesn’t necessarily mean he is better than others. It only means he has been trusted with this power. When a man is given authority/power, it is to make things better: to organize a setting, to unite the ones that he has been privileged to ‘rule’ … More Power or Oppression?


5 Tips to Help You Deal with Rejection

Rejection is a great challenge, it’s a hit to our ego, a question on how good enough we are. It doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t good enough, it often means the one who cast you out failed to notice what you have to offer. You should always bear in mind that people sometimes reject expensive things they can’t afford. … More 5 Tips to Help You Deal with Rejection

Being Accountable in Life

Being accountable in the simplest of terms is being responsible for your actions, decisions and behavior. It’s the process of constantly keeping yourself in check with regards to your goals and commitments. It is telling yourself to be responsible even when absolutely no one is watching. Accountability is all about taking ownership of your successes and failures and getting rid of excuses. … More Being Accountable in Life