Power or Oppression?

Why do we always want our ego fed? Why do we always want to have the feeling of superiority over every other person? Why do we always want to feel in charge all of the time? WHY?!

This attitude is common among the ones we refer to as ‘powerful men’; the ones that are privileged to hold a particular position in the society: the politicians, wealthy business men, company owners and so many others. Even a class captain craves these above feelings (as funny as it sounds, it is very true).

But when power is bestowed upon a man, it is not to oppress the others and doesn’t necessarily mean he is better than others. It only means he has been trusted with this power.

What do I mean by ‘being trusted with the power’, you ask? Well, when a man is given authority/power, it is to make things better: to organize a setting, to unite the ones that he has been privileged to ‘rule’.

For example, a president is chosen because everybody cannot just be the leader of a Nation. A manager is chosen because someone must take responsibility for the effectiveness of the company. In a classroom, a captain is chosen to organize the activity of his fellow students, so teachers may have someone to hold responsible for the activities of the particular class.

If you take note of the above, you will see that power really equals responsibility than oppressing others. Power deals with caring for others rather than disrespecting them. Power deals with loving others and always finding a way to make life better for them rather than being self-centered.

But like a man once said to me power is tricky. So, when people rise to the top of this ladder called power they tend to look down on others and instead of helping others to the top. Also, they would rather oppress them just to satisfy their ego and feel in control. Forgetting that they were once at the other end of that ladder before they were privileged to be chosen to be on top. What this ‘powerful men’ unfortunately forget is that they were chosen, or, helped and somehow they owe the ones that have chosen them good leadership at least.

Yes, the one in power has authority over others but it is not to oppress. Satisfying only oneself and regarding every other person as a lesser being is a misuse of power. Power is for influence.

How To Rightly Use Power

1. If you are in a leadership position or somehow you have power which is authority over other people – see it as a privilege instead of a right. See it as a responsibility instead of a way to do anything you so wish. People are counting on you, do not let them down.

2. Hold on to people. No matter what you have, no matter how well you think you are doing, no matter the position you are – never chase people away from you. Remember your actions can destroy or amend another person’s life.

3. Embrace people, always strive to make things better, and always take decisions that would favor everyone and not just yourself. Yes, sometimes you might make the wrong decisions but it would be out of a clear conscience. It’s a different thing entirely when you knowingly went for what will leave the ones you are meant to make life better for cry and run away from you rather than run to you.

One day, you would leave that seat. Sooner or later you would vacate that position for someone else and only what people would say about you would be left and will matter.

4. Yes, power can be tricky but in all of your actions remember the people coming after you, remember the ones that bear the same surname with you. You don’t want to block their ways because of your foolish and selfish actions because people never forget.

You will surely reap the fruit of your actions because people never forget! In essence, always remember that all will end but history will remain, people will tell the world how you behaved.

A Short Story:

There’s this past Governor in my home town who treated workers rather badly when he was the Governor. This action of his affected the admission of someone who is like a sister to me as her name was cancelled out several times when she applied for a school because she coincidentally bear the same surname with this past Governor! Yes, she finally got admitted but she paid for the sins of this man somehow (funny enough, she is not even related to the man!)

Think about it, do you want to be like that man that ‘ruined’ other people’s lives or that caused delay in the lives of others because of his own actions? Hopefully not.

So, before you behave like a god – always ask yourself if you would be happy if you were the one oppressed, molested, and abused the way you do to others. Ask yourself how you would feel if someone very close to you is being oppressed at work the way you oppress the ones ‘under you’. If you will not be happy with it, then quit treating people like trash; they deserve your respect, care, and love.

5. Let people love you and not fear you. I mean, let them serve under you with love in their heart and not with fear. You see, if they love you, they would automatically respect you (which is far better than fear).

But when people see you as god – yes, they might get things done for you and make you feel in control but trust me, it would not be for the best. Everyone would be scared of getting in your way since you think you know it all and every other person is just a lesser being to you. This would limit the creativity, ideas, and opinions of others and things would soon run out of hand because you cannot just know it all and will always need the opinion of others to see things from a different angle.

When power is bestowed upon you – do not misuse it, don’t trample on others but walk and work with them. Keep in mind that the seeds you sow now (good or bad) will be a legacy for your children to build upon.

Before you take that decision to insult the integrity and personality of others, think twice. You may get away with it but remember: ‘history never forgets’.


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3 thoughts on “Power or Oppression?

  1. The content of your insightful post is the reason no one human has been able to wield the ultimate power to control the elements of nature as intended by the Almighty God.

    Until the day we realize that the privilege of great powers comes a greater responsibility of service, we would continue to run around in the circles defined in your awesome post.

    Great job bro.

    Liked by 1 person

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