More Tips on Getting Over a Breakup

Start by reading this post on How to Get Over a Breakup.

Here are some other tips to help:

1. Create an ex-free environment

Out of sight is out of mind.Do away with anything that reminds you of your ex.

2. Don’t speak ill of the person

It’s normal to want to speak ill of your ex among your friends and while hearing you’re better off them might feel like a healing balm, don’t rely on it. Your health and happiness need not be dependent on someone else’s pain and suffering.

3. Begin an intense workout routine

Maybe this isn’t a good time for yoga! It’s a good time for time for something new and different so as to get some of that negative feeling out.

4. Spend more time outside

It’s a cliche but fresh air really does clear your head. Take 3 hours from each day to leave your cave and interact more when you are out.

5. Identify on your emotions

Try to distract yourself from anything you might be feeling. You must be mindfully aware of your emotions and label them out. Know that you are able to experience these emotions, the feelings are not static or permanent.

6. Cry out when you need to

You don’t have to act strong when you’re not, it hurts the more. Cry out when you need to because if you don’t, you’ll repress until you break down.

I hope this helps. Have you ever had to deal with a breakup? How did you go about it? Feel free to share in the comments below for someone to pick something.

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