15 Things to Do When You are Bored

“Only boring people get bored” I have no idea where that statement originated from. In a way, it’s true but looking at it from another angle, we all get bored at some points. There are times when you just feel restless; you probably want to jump and scream or scatter the house but you are stuck somehow and you can’t. Then you get bored. You want to hang out with friends but it’s not working out; you should be seeing your favorite TV program but there is power outage. These could cause boredom.

It now depends on how often you get bored and how long it takes you to snap out of it. Usually, when we get bored, the first thing that pops up in our minds is the Internet. Internet is sure a great way to get over boredom, but how about we try these few things?

1. Do some puzzle


2. Try some nail arts

nail arts

3. Make your keys colourful with nail polish

nail polish keys

4. Rearrange your books

arrange books

5. Try out these exercises

6. Create To-Do lists—as many as you’d love to

To-Do list
7. Take a selfie with mannequin

8. Make a bowl of well-decorated fruit salad

fruit salad

9. Go to the beach; scream! Let the ocean hear you


10. Do crosswords


11. Plant a kitchen herb garden

kitchen herb garden


12. Try out new recipes


13. Dance in front of your mirror

dance in front of the mirror

14. Clean and re-arrange the house

clean house


15. Relax on the sofa

Relax sofa


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