A Teen’s Note to Her Father

Tell my father I am no longer that little girl,
Remind him of how time changes me
Let him know of the infinity suitors
That threads along the corridor of my lone heart
And how my eyes are coated with crystals

Tell him of my long and straight legs
That defines the beauty of Africa,
My smile that is now a healing balm to weak souls
My little fingers that writes distinctly on pages;
Making ABCs bow to my call

Walk him down the lane of my present
Tell him I have a new name- lioness
I have painted the world with my pride
I now have a worthy dignity in reality
Let my father be calm…

Is my father worried about beauty without brain?
Tell him his seed in me never stopped growing
I am never a disappointment
I am beautiful and brainiac!

Tell my father I’ve learnt to love
And set disputes between moral and immoral acts
But still a learner in the wrecked school of life.
Life is a big word to grasp with my little mind
Tell him I’ll overcome

When you see my father
Sing all those into his ears
Father, your baby has grown…


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