Sample Prayers to Make Praying Feel Less Like a Job

When God said to pray without ceasing, it was because He knew that you would need His help to navigate through life. After all, He did overcome the world, didn’t He?

I love to pray. I know this may sound odd, but it’s the absolute truth. I pray about everything. And I do this in the most straightforward and sincere way. Just like a child. I want to say that my prayers are often without filter but for fear of being misinterpreted, I would simply describe them as ’real’.

I never try to sugarcoat things. I just say it as it is, exactly how I feel because God is my best friend. And I find that these short prayers give me peace and are highly effective in helping me get through my daily struggles.

I suggest you try them too.

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Sample Prayers

When You are having a bad day:

Dear God, I woke up today with high hopes and good intentions. But I’m so upset because everything just seems to be going wrong. Please, come take control. Turn this day around, and help me to feel better. In Jesus Mighty Name.

When someone keeps testing your patience:

Dear God, I don’t like sister xyz very much at the moment, because I find it hard to understand why she’s acting this way. But I know you love her so I’m asking you to help me do the same. Also, please give me the wisdom I need to handle things well, and help me not to react in ways that I would go on to regret. Amen.

When you feel inadequate:

Dear God, I’m not sure why but I’m lacking confidence today. You say that I am wonderfully made, and I can do anything with your help. I want to believe these words but the devil keeps telling me lies. He says that I’m not good enough. Lord, please send me some reassurance. I wouldn’t mind a compliment, some motivation, anything to keep me going. I trust you to do this. Thank you for always being there for me.

When you keep falling into temptations:

Dear God, I did something terrible today. I’m sure you already know what but I want to talk about it. Honestly, I thought I was over this sin but it looks like we’ve still got work to do. I know that you once lived in a body just like mine, and you know exactly how it feels to struggle like this. Endow me with your grace, right now, at this very moment; so that I can go on to overcome my flesh. I love you, Lord. Thank you for saving me.

When your faith is wavering/ failing:

Dear Heavenly Father, I said some prayers the other day, and it kind of feels like you’re ignoring me. This situation hurts, and I don’t know how much longer I can hold on for. But I want to believe that I haven’t received my answers because you have a much better plan. So, I need you to help me trust you without fear. Strengthen my faith in you and help me never to give up hope. Amen.

Over the next few days, pray as much as you can, whenever you can. I promise that you would begin to feel a difference in and around you. Remember to believe with all your heart as you pray, because nothing is too hard for Him to do.

Did you find this helpful? I’ll like to know in the comments and don’t forget to share with someone to encourage them.


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