On Prayer | by Covenant Chimnonso

Before the latest version of Christian faithware, Prayer was developed by the most efficient faithware developer since creation, Prayer was a software marred by a lot of glitches.

Given that it was supposed to be a medium of communication between God the creator and man his creation (or more accurately put, His chosen race Israel), Prayer was restrictive. It did not allow for the people of said chosen race to communicate with the creator directly. They had to employ the services of intermediary software known as Priests.exe.

Things were slow. People had to go to the temple at specific times every year to pray for atonement or give thanks for provisions. There was no direct access to the throne of mercy because Prayer v.0.1.0 was a limited version that lacked the necessary tweaking to survive and accurately convey the requests of man everywhere, not just the chosen.

Thus, it is regarded as ingenious work what Yehoshua bar YAHWEH did when he first developed this highly intelligent version of Prayer regarded as Prayer v.X.Infinity.

Now, man anywhere and from any tribe or ethnic background can utilize the provisions of this wonderful Faithware. Now people from anywhere around the earth, or around the world for that matter, can call into the server of the throne of mercy and call in on the services of the creator or call in to give thanks. Just anything is possible with this newly developed version of Prayer.

In Matthew 6:9, Jesus laid down the first steps to utilizing this Faithware  and in Romans 8:26, he also provided a more advanced and easier version.

Now you can enjoy unrestricted access to bowels of mercy manye…

Soli Deo Gloria

Choose God and Grow

About the Writer

Born in and raised in the very ancient city of Benin, Covenant Chimnonso grew up in a Christian home, amongst wayward friends and beside fetish sacrifices. He started writing in 2013 when the Academic Staff Union of Universities embarked on an indefinite strike action which eventually lasted for six months. He was just in his first year. Growing both in faith and in writing, CCBenji as he is fondly known has encountered different cultures, challenges, structures and patterns that have both built and helped shaped his narrative. His major testimony is healing from depression and pornography and low self esteem. And he makes it his life work to help others rise from these.

He’s on social media forums (Twitter, Instagram) @ccbenji116, fb.me/ccbenji116, misfitsa.wordpress.com


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