you say I talk too much
and I utter things I shouldn’t
you wonder why I can’t keep shut for once
or be quiet for a while
you say I’m too loud and I may lack the ability to make decisions on my own
if only you knew it was my redemption-
the only way I can heal through these hurts burning in me
the only way I learn how to laugh and forget to worry
but you have pinched me where you shouldn’t have
now, I have to be quiet
and my redemption is nowhere around
if only you knew…

Sometimes, people do things, not because that’s who they are but because they find solace in them.


2 thoughts on “Identity

  1. hmmm…I love that
    some people hurt inside and don’t know how to express their feelings. As a result, they do things people consider weird or unlike them, don’t judge without getting all the facts

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