What Does the Bible Have to Say About Fear?

The dictionary defines fear as an uncontrollable or unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger. It could also be a sense of fear induced by something or someone.

Often times, we find ourselves being afraid and scared of something, maybe our future, maybe financial needs, maybe of the monsters that lurk in the dark, maybe of the future or maybe of the consequences of the past.

People have said that it is in all human nature to fear, to naturally have a fight or flight response to certain situations. But what has God said about fear in the Bible?

The Bible mentions two types of fear. The first is the fear of the Lord, the other is the spirit of fear. The fear of the Lord doesn’t necessarily mean to be afraid of God but it is reverential awe of God: A reverence for his power and glory as well as proper respect for his wrath and anger. It is total acknowledgement of all that God is. It brings many blessings and benefits. It is the beginning of wisdom (psalms 111:10) it leads to life, rest, peace, and contentment (proverbs 14:27)

However, the spirit of fear mentioned in 2 Timothy 1:7 is totally different. It is a spirit of timidity which does not come from God. God does not want us to be afraid and so the Bible is rich with promises for us to take hold and claim for ourselves. In Isaiah 41:10 he encourages us to not be afraid of being alone “do not fear for I am with you”. In Matthew 10:31, he tells us not to be afraid of lacking physical necessities and these encouragements continue through the bible.

To overcome the spirit of fear, we need to have absolute faith in God. Faith and fear cannot exist together. We have to learn to trust in God no matter the situation (psalm 56:3) “when I am afraid I will trust in you”. God has promised to handle all our cares and concerns, and he never lies nor breaks his promises. That’s why he has said in the Bible, in several chapters and verses that we need not worry or have fear because he’ll always be there for us all we need to do is trust him.

Some bible verses to look at are: John 14:27, Isaiah 35:4, Joshua 1:9, Matthew 6:34, Isaiah 43:1, psalm 23:4, psalm 34:4, psalm 94:19 and several others.

The Bible is full of God’s encouragements to and for us, because he has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, of peace and of sound mind.

I hope this encourages you not to ever live in fear and rely in God alone.

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