A Good Way To Start 2019

It is never too late to tell you welcome to the year 2019. I know we have spent a few days into the year, yet these days are not even up to the number of days we have left in the year.

While we might have heard so many sermons on making new year resolutions, read articles on setting the right goals for the year and heard several talks on what the new year is all about, I think you still need one or two more things.

I think I should not even address this article as a good way to start the year, but rather as a good way to continue the year from where you started.

Either way…

How did you start your year?

Did you attend a service at a church and allowed the Holy Spirit to usher you into the year or how did you cross into the year?
Was it with grudges, regrets, shame, disappointment and a lot of things?

I once mentioned that I started last year with no specific resolution. This year, I started with a mantra to do better than I did last year, which means I would repeat every good thing I did last year, but with a better way and of course, the place of prayer cannot be underestimated.

It is 7 days into the new year and we need to ask God to guide and protect us.

There should be a yearning of you, a cry within your spirit on what God wants you to do and how to go about it this year.

You should not deprive your spirit man of getting the right food from the source which is God, by not studying the word of God.

Here are a few things I would like you to work on this year.

1. Your Relationship with God

I started the new year with a book titled Living Up to What God Has Ordained the Woman to be, and the first chapter dwelled on quiet time. I realized the need to have e a quiet time and how to work on your prayer altar.

The scriptures say we should set our heart on the things above, not on the things on earth. Colossians 3:1

Has it ever occurred to you that having a stable relationship with God helps you to set your mind on the right things?

While I was thinking of what to write, I had a leading to write on addictions, and how it can be overcome through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Do you know that when your mind is occupied with God’s word, you only think of what God will do through you and not how you will please the world?

This post is not on addictions, yet we need to learn to communicate with God. We need to talk to God like never before. Never think you are too young to learn from God.

2. Relationship with Your Parents

Hardly have I seen teenagers who confess that they act bad, rebellious, and insulting to their parents. They would rather talk about their parents and put the blame on them for having bad parenting skills. While you think your parents are not caring and loving enough, can you take a second to think of sacrifices they have made to make sure you stay alive and enjoy the benefits of living?

I understand you might have a few issues with your parents because they don’t have listening ears, but you can do better rather than complain all day about them.

Have you prayed for them? Have you asked them about their job once and the contract they lost? Have you ever bought them a gift?

One of the things we don’t know that move our parents is buying them gifts, no matter how little.
My Economics teacher in my secondary school taught me to always buy my parents presents. Since then, I looked forward to buying them a gift, to giving them things from the little I have. It makes them happy and they feel you are becoming a great adult that will make the society a better place.

Note that the gift does not have to worth so much, but it has to be from a caring heart. It could be a call card, a handkerchief, a tie, socks for men, a brush for women, or even a wristwatch- if you can afford it.

3. Work on Yourself

There are so many opportunities around and trust me, you need to work on yourself so you can meet up to them.

This is my little piece on how you can stay productive this new year.

I will gladly appreciate it if you ask questions about your goals. Feel free to do so in the comments below.

If you need a mentor to help you set the right goals or counsel you about issues with your parents, simply fill this form or send a mail and we will get back to you.

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