Adolescence: a Period of Storm and Stress

Adolescence is defined by the English dictionary as the transitional period of physical and psychological development between childhood and maturity. Adolescence can also be referred to as teenhood.

An adolescent is neither a child nor an adult. It’s an intermediate phase. And as expected, changes are meant to take place. An instance of these changes is seen in physical appearance, emotional state and psychological reasoning. You feeling strange as your body develop, you trying to control your emotions and you pulling through social pressures. All these are prominent changes that occur without our permission because they are natural and time is what is needed for you to grow into them.

Changes in any form usually bring some unfamiliar situations which you need to adjust into. This adjustment period is what I can refer to as “a period of storm and stress”.

A period of storm: you were not planning for it. You grow into adolescence without obtaining a form and applying for it. The unprepared state is what makes it seems stormy. You practically know nothing about your transition because everything seems to change simultaneously.

A period of stress:you have to handle every situation as it arises. You will begin to have a lot of things to attend to. Sometimes you get depressed and frustrated because everything you need to handle keeps coming up almost at once.

There are various kinds of storm and stress teenhood comes along with, some of which are:

  • Academic stress
  • Social stress
  • Relationship stress
  • Financial stress
  • Self-esteem issue
  • Peer pressure

Ways of Handling this Storm and Stress

1. Know that you are not alone

Everyone, at any point in life, has gone through this phase. It’s not a new thing. You can talk to someone about it. Someone like your parent, teacher/mentor, older siblings, a mature friend and you can also meet someone here. Just know that you are never alone.

2. Don’t give in to depression

I’m assuring you that you will be just fine! You don’t have to get yourself worked up and frustrated. Just as I have said, it is natural for you to go through this, therefore, enjoy it. It’s just a phase that will soon be over!

3. Proper diet and rest

As much as you can, feed well. A healthy diet will not only help your physical development, but it also does well to your soul (emotions). Eat and rest well!

4. Pick a hobby

Hobbies are amazing ways of relaxing and re-energizing oneself. Do what you love doing most as often as possible. If you do not have hobbies, try and discover one and it will surprise you that you can gain strength from them more easily.

5. Be purposeful and purpose driven

Fulfilling your purpose is everything. If you have a purpose for your life then, you will get pass all this stress and storm by being energized from your life purpose. You will get tired but your purpose will keep you through.

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