Fulfilling Purpose or Being Ambitious?

To fulfill purpose is to do your God given assignment in accordance to God’s word.
To be ambitious is to be strongly desirous to be or to do something

The difference between the two is God’s leading and word.

The following are qualities of one who is ambitious

An ambitious person:

• Does not mind climbing over heads and destroying others so long as they get what they want
• Is always self seeking
• Pleases him/herself
• Ambition has limit (like I want to work/do something for this particular number of years)
• The theme of an ambitious person is “my food is to do my will, get what I want and sign out”

On the other hand, a man who is concerned about fulfilling purpose:

• Does only within the confines of God’s word allowing God to make him or her and not by power/might
• Pleases God
• There’s no limit, it’s a continual thing till death
• Seek the good of others
• The theme of someone fulfilling purpose is “my food is to do the will of Him who sent me and complete it”

It’s a very good thing to pursue your ambition so that you will live comfortably in life. But make sure that all you do is in accordance with the special assignment God has placed in your hands.

It’s best that you don’t allow your ambition to distract you from fulfilling purpose.

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