Truth Be Told


We weren’t corrupt
We never knew what the big black cannon was
We were so naive,
We were blinded by what we assumed to be beautiful
They came in like a saviour, smiling with their dark plans rubbing at our faces
We wanted some innovation but our lack of sophistication was coloured with tyranny.
We worked in a land where our mouth was sealed with iron rocks, because they were afraid of us eating from our earned sweats.
Maybe  they knew we’ll get stronger, just like we are turning to be
Today acclaimed freedom has never been true.
Even in our own land, We still fear the past.
We claim liberty, we claim peace
That will happen if we get a free pass to stay in the greener land, like we welcomed the white hair
Enough of running to the city we once shed our forcefully bled blood
We made what it is today through chaos and agony
We can fill our own with laughter and unity.
No more running  away with big black bags with swollen balloon
Our voices are sounding streaky with haggard noise
Take the shovel and the cutlass and dig beneath the ground
Turn the black Seed to coco
We’ll be better one day
Only that, that day had already began yesterday.

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