Teenagers and Boy-Girl Relationships

Teenagers, regardless of their age and the caliber of people they hang out with, this topic of boy-girl relationship is a very big deal. Every teenager in one way or the other would have been thinking about or exploring boy-girl relationships.

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Breakup Tales: Take a B|R|E|A|K

A breakup can teach us to be more resilient about our dear ones and in fighting for what we want, instead of whining all day about how our partner left us when in true essence, we never fought FOR THEM to stay.
Understanding this part of breakup and having this perspective can help us in future relationships. … More Breakup Tales: Take a B|R|E|A|K

How to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day as a Single

Have you ever considered why Valentine’s Day is not declared a public holiday? It means life goes on! It also means that if anything special will happen on that day, you are the one to make it happen. Singlehood is a beautiful period and it shouldn’t be spent wishing you were engaged or married. If not, you will miss the joy on both sides. … More How to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day as a Single

Before You Say Hello to a Relationship

Relationships are not walked into, they are built. You don’t wake on a beautiful morning, see a pretty young girl or prince charming and begin to nurse the idea of starting a relationship with him/her.

Abuse in relationships will be inevitable when its true purposes are not known. A lot of us walk into relationships before we understand why we started them in the first place, … More Before You Say Hello to a Relationship

Why you Shouldn’t Rush into a Relationship

Relationship is the connection or association of two or more people, and there are different kinds of relationship in teenagers. We have that of siblings, parents, friends of either same or opposite sex, lovers and others. Right now, I’m focusing on the lovers relationship. Relationship is not something to be rushed into, so you don’t rush … More Why you Shouldn’t Rush into a Relationship