Living Through Grief

Wikipedia defines Grief as the response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something that has died, to which a bond or affection was formed.

When you are found in this spotlight, words like ‘you’ll be fine’ would seem idealistic. All you are left to feel is the burden of your state of mind plunge in and you have no control over it. 

Often said, words are like seeds, plowed deep in the soil. Sooner rather than later, it would come to make more sense. Heed to encouraging words, even if at that juncture it comes across like a farce. 

There are ways you can live through grief and ultimately come out of it if you follow through these patterns. 


This is coming to terms with the loss. Grief inescapably might not pertain to an emotional state of mind, it could be not getting the result you want after putting in so much work. Hence, coming to terms with what is gone and deciding to agree with this validity is the first phase of living through grief. 


According to Wikipedia, there are about four stages ahead of this. I choose not to commence with them because I acknowledge that if by means you found this article, clicked on it and you are at this point of reading this, you are in the last stage of breaking free from the loss of anything inflicting your grief. 

Acceptance is the actualization of what has prevailed, what is, and how you can rectify what is within your power to control. It takes a considerable amount of humility to redefine your pace and master the act of only doing the things that are within your grip. 

It is a breath of fresh air you release with full modesty, choosing to take charge of your mental state of mind. 

Current Situation

Living through with grief, you’d someday get to the aspect where you are compelled by your own self reasoning to look at your life. This comes after you have wandered through the state of accepting what is and you are making willful ways to work on what is to come. 

It is that point where you look at your whole life and let yourself feel for a moment how the obligation of your future self is summed up with every intended verdict that you choose to make now as regards your life. 

You find yourself needing to take command, yearning to pick yourself back up. At this phase, you are redefining goals, your heart is blossoming with so much passion and distrust at the same time, oftentimes desiring as many affirmations as you can. 

This is the phase where positive words communicated to you at your initial phase of grief begins to kick in. Words always find their way back to you, this is why when you are in grief, you are to be picky with the selection of words which you listen to. 

What Can Be Done Better?

This is a fascinating phase you’d find yourself in when you are living through grief. You’d often get furious, get agitated as memories of mistakes made come flashing in on you. You have to remind yourself as much as you can, only things within your control are the things to invade your sanity. 

In this aspect, set new objectives, create a new work ethic, and minimize them as much as you can.

You don’t want anything that makes you feel less of yourself. Work considerably on your new-found drive and be better at whatever your hands find to do. 

Harnessing God’s Love

It is easier to do things with God than to do things alone. One with God is a majority. Everything you are sensing, every decision you are making to be fine, God sees it all. He is lingering for you to call on him so he can be exact for you through your shortcomings.

Always acknowledge that life is harder without him. It is like navigating a boat with no one paddling it. Jesus is the only one that heals entirely. Take your time as you heal. There is no timetable structured to assist you through grief but I can tell you with Jesus, it is way easier. 

Working on Your Passion

When you choose to review things you are enthusiastic about, it will give you less time on the things that cause you suffering. Fuel your passion with your time, energy, and drive. Follow positive cultures that impact your state of mind as you channel their positivity into your passion. 

You can do it. Every time you doubt this, repeat it. Let this be your own word of affirmation. 

Focus on Your Superpower

Your superpower is moving away from anyone/anything that inflicts your grief. Whoever it is, stay away. Your superpower is being at the discretion of your space and your time. 

Recall only positive things alone. Your superpower is choosing your state of mind over everything unfavorable in a situation that wants to pull you right back. 

Focus on Fighting For Your Passion

Working on your passion isn’t satisfactory enough. You need stern attention and consistency to achieve the progress that you need. This is why you have to persistently put in the fight. Fight for your passion to come alive, fight for your ambitions to become tangible. Never underrate a sound mind with a strong judgment.

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I hope this has boosted your confidence one way or the other. I also want you to remember that if you are going through a profound shadow right now and you feel stressed-out as it seems things are out of control, understand that you will someday pull through. 

Cliche or not, there is invariably light at the end of every tunnel and you will be fine in the end. Submit to this truth and you will be fine. I pray you find healing soon and continue to stay afloat in every area of your life. Stay blessed. 

Have you dealt with grief before? I’ll like to hear what you think in the comments.


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