Differences Between Agape And Eros

The subject of Love in our society can never be over-emphasized as it’s littered around the whole existence of man, and the essence of it. However, the subject might be the same in all places but the object of it definitely differ from place to place, time to time, and one person to another.

There are 7 types of love from the ancient Greek history; one of which is Eros.


Eros, which happens to be the Love of the body, is a type of love that illustrates sexual attraction and physical desire towards the opposite sex.

From the types of love indicated above, it is safe to say that sex is a seal of this kind of Love. Eros is the basic word in the formation of the word Erotic.

According to the dictionary, Erotic means “Relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement”.
Seeing it would be safe to consider sex as an ‘act of love’ (to certain extent), necessity binds us to take a look at what would be the best kind of Love and it’s relationship with eros.


Agape, on the other hand is the “selfless love”. If the meaning of selfless hasn’t changed in English language, it means a feeling that stems from pure desire for the good of others, one unblemished by selfishness. That is, “exhibiting no concern for oneself but for others; unselfish”.

The meaning of ‘selfless’ and how it is used to describe Agape Love points us to the fact that Agape does not only seek to be selfless, it also seek to love at the same time. Agape is the kind of Love that seeks no mutual benefit in its expression or manifestation. Agape does not need to cuddle or go skin deep as Eros; there is no fear of being used, cheated or deceived here. In the world of Agape, the lover does it all to and for the loved without seeking to be paid back.

Agape is the intentional kind of Love.

Christians believe God is the only One that has truly ever demonstrated agape love in that He gave His (believed to be) only son, Jesus Christ, to die for the sins of the world. Don’t you think that’s something huge to give? Well, that’s what agape does, it makes huge sacrifices for the one that is loved. 

In the world of man, Agape could mean helping people that cannot pay us back, and Agape does not seek to be ever paid back. Agape is the perfect love.

However, it would be unjust to not recognize the part played by sex in love, especially between two people of different genders espoused to one another. Sex is rather a tool for more intimacy and enjoyment in the relationship, assumed by many to be the binding factor of successful relationships.

Sexual affairs have now found it’s way out of wedlock into other extramarital affairs in the present day world. If truly sex is the seal of love, why then do marriages get dissolved in the court of law daily? Why do people, especially women, lose out of relationships after several sexual escapades? Why the insecurities attached to sex? If sexual affairs mean love, don’t you think whores would be the most loved and loving people on Earth?

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Following the differences between Eros and Agape, it is note worthy that Eros can mainly be expressed and sealed by sexual affairs between two people, as against Agape whose manifestation lies in a pure heart, which can, in other words, be termed sacrificial living.

Agape does not need to be tested and proven on the bed of intimacy, but rather is tested by deep commitment to loving even when the Loved seems not to be seeing it. The true test of Agape lies in the determination to love irrespective of the disposition of the loved to the love s

The test of Eros in the love world of the present day society have led to countless errors arising from the deceit  birthed by the greed of men, one polished by Eros itself. When young folks taste sex for the first time, given the ecstasy and frenzy that comes with it, most of these young folks plunge deep into the adult world and find it difficult to stop, thereby becoming chronic addicts. This addiction has terribly affected a lot by making their sexual libido insatiable and turned many to sex hawkers thereby damaging the human society. Agape, on the contrary, seeks no recompense for satisfaction, hence holds no place for greed.

Remember it is stated earlier that “Agape is the intentional kind of Love”, then that is it. Agape seeks to make it stand even when it is clearly crumbling. Oftentimes than not, Agape loves unconditionally and without fear.

Agape balances the life of a man in the world of love.

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