The Love Of Jesus Trumps All

February is a month of love, the month where the phenomenon and stories of love are especially celebrated. And isn’t love such a sweet thing? Like, who doesn’t want love or to be loved?

Love is one of the most beautiful things there are in life. I mean, having a person or two in this chaotic world who gives a damn about you is a big deal, I know.  And as a teenager, a boyfriend/girlfriend is most probably your apex definition of love. That’s okay. I know how much that could mean to you. 

However, I am here to shift your consciousness to another dimension of love. As a matter of fact, a greater and the best dimension of love you can ever find. And whether or not you have heard of this great love before doesn’t matter. I’m here to tell you again. This message is about Jesus, the greatest example of love in all of history. 

I know your boyfriend loves you, and your girlfriend will get the moon for you. But there’s a way Jesus loves you, that no other person can and will. Scripture says in Romans 5:8, But God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

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This tells of a very reckless risk. It makes sense for anybody to die for a person who is good and righteous, that will be a worthy cause. But to die for an unrepentant sinner? Hey, that was way risky! Who even told Jesus that His death would reconcile humanity back to God? Remember that we still have our choices to make, afterall?

It was a weighty risky, that has proved to be a worthy one. 

But Jesus would go that far, and do that much for you, for love. And unlike humans who would usually love you on the basis of what you can offer them in return, Jesus loves you especially because you have nothing to offer. Nothing!

He does not love with conditions. When people stop getting what they want from their relationship with you, ninety-eight percent of the time, they will walk away. But Jesus? He will not. 

In Romans 8:35, it is clear that nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ. Not tribulations. Not distress. Not persecution. Not famine. Not nakedness. Not peril. Nothing at all! Not even sin. Jesus loves you that much.

He does not love you because of who you are, where you live, the color of your skin, or the money in your account. He loves you because love is who He is. Love is not what  Jesus does, it is who He is! He is LOVE! His love trumps all! 

In light of this, even as you celebrate the Valentine’s Day, you should move with the consciousness of this truth; that Jesus loves you, forever! That He is the greatest example of love. That the Love of Jesus trumps all! 

I love you.

In what way have you experienced the love of Christ?


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