Is the Love Lost in Lust?

I was praying nights ago and I started thinking about my life, I reminded myself of how constant and intentional God has been and I started to profess my love for Him. I was happy thinking about how much I love God and I was confident to say I love Him; the feeling is overwhelming, I felt pure and sincere love. I didn’t feel like I needed a human figure before I could feel loved because Abba’s love is always constant. And immediately, I recalled the theme for the month which is “Love or Lust”, then I got the message God was passing across and instantly, I picked my pen and note to write.

Speaking of love or lust, I like to say that there is only one way to find out if we feel love or lust. There is only one factor to determine whether our heart is simply playing a trick on us or if we are truly in love and that is the God factor. I remember a particular time last year when I was thinking of love and prayed about it. After my prayers, the Holy spirit gave an overwhelming and sweet reply; he said “why don’t you try to love me first, before finding human love”. Oh, I was like wow, really? 

Yeah, finding and loving God is the true definition of finding love and discarding lust!

You want to know if you really love that person or if you are just lusting? Please look deep and check if God is present in that feeling. Ask yourself if you feel peace thinking about that person with God in mind, if you are confident to talk to God about that person, and if God is smiling as you tell that person “I love you”, ask yourself if God would be happy seeing you go into a relationship with that person.

We all want to love, because love is a great thing, in fact, that is an understatement, because love is more than great, it is extraordinary. God is love! Yeah, He is love, so then tell me how you would find love without finding God. Tell me how you would differentiate between love and lust if you don’t involve God, please make me understand how you would not make that person your idol, if you don’t first find your love in God. How would you know if you are not merely lusting after that person if you don’t first love God.

Today, I’m encouraging someone, please first find God, please. This is very important, we are in a generation where someone can wake up one day and decide to play games on one’s heart and feelings.

How would you know if it is not just a game, how would you know if that person is not merely lusting after you, how would you even know if the feeling is not a love lost in lust?

If that person doesn’t have a relationship with God, they can’t know how to have a relationship with you. If they don’t know God, they don’t know real love- Tony A. Gaskins jnr.

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