Nature’s Love (Contentment)

I was once asked what the word Love meant I said Love is everything, it’s everywhere…it’s Nature. I was asked to be more specific, I replied thus:

When I look up to the sky, I see a shield that protects us from aliens above like we watch in movies. That’s Protective love.

When it rains, I see the fields/vegetations go green… The sunshine that dries up my wet clothes and saves me the embarrassment of going out wet. That’s Providence Love

At night, I can walk through the bush and footpaths outside without lamp/torch because the moon is up. That’s Impromptu love. 

I am thirsty, I go to the stream to fetch some water and it denied me not. That’s Pure Love

I am feeling hot, suddenly I started feeling cool and calm because the wind blew. That’s Love felt. 

I needed a lonely/quiet place to think, I saw a shade given by a tree, without permission, I settled under it, it did not fall on me. That’s Matured Love. The same tree produces the books I use in studying, the tissue papers I use at restrooms, it was still patient. That’s Love which suffers long

I almost woke up late for the interview, then I heard the cock crew, begging me not to wake up late… that’s Back-up Love.

I wanted to prepare a meal, I needed to select between beef, pork, chicken, turkey gizzard, fish, skins; i went to the market and found it all waiting for me because the livestocks offered themselves… that’s Submissive Love.

I can go on and on to tell you of Nature’s Love which we enjoy everyday, but I know by now you already know what I mean… Embrace the love nature offers and you will learn one thing, Contentment.

Contentment is everything we should seek for in every aspect of life. Be it Material, Relationship, Career, or Religion, all we need has been given to us by our Creator. We just need to ask of him and be contented with what is made available to us; we should be contented with the task given to us, with the family placed in our care, and also with our ministry.

Learn to live a life of Contentment
Strive to live a life of Contentment
Aim to live a life of contentment
Work towards living a life of contentment
Embrace a life of contentment

God bless you as you do so.

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