Hey butterfly…
Tell me what makes you fly
Do you even get high?
And how many miles do you cover with your smile?

Good morning in the vineyard
In the cold it could be a shelter
Enjoy the scents of its flower
You’ve been to their ears before
Several times I have mentioned you

I feel a butterfly in my stomach
Beautiful in her kind
Flying at the height of the Ulysses
Come alive in the warmth of the wind
And tell me what you feel

Wherever the height takes you
There are too many sights to see
You’re my best friend
And that, I’m very proud of

Good morning butterfly
Come in the light of the stars
Before the sky showers its tears
Tell me where you wanna fly to
Some places I’ve never been to?
Or a place where rejection lives?
Or somewhere that loves abides?

To the Hibiscus, you’re its Princess
And to the Sunflower, you’re its Gold
I feel a butterfly in my stomach

…and it’s YOU.

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