Dare to Be Different

Being different has different meanings and definitions by different people. To some, it is being isolated and lonely, to others it is not being able to do and enjoy what their peers are doing. Whatever your definition of being different is, I would like to share my opinion about it and I hope this broadens your understanding of what being different entails.

To start with, know that being different enables you make a difference. When you are different, you will obviously make a difference.

If you have a bowl of boiled white eggs and you notice a black egg among them, that single black egg has made a difference by being different.

Being different does not isolate you it rather it makes you noticeable. Being different does not also mean that you cannot do what your peers are doing. It rather makes you do what your peers are doing but in a different way which makes you more noticeable compared to others. You draw attention when you make a difference.

In a fallen world such as the present one we live in, to make a difference as a teenager is very challenging. We move with friends and peers who could compromise with just anything in vogue which we might not be comfortable with. To say NO at times might be a very hard decision to make. Here’s where the power of determination comes to play. To say a NO to the world, you need extra determination.

In the Bible, we can see Samuel is a perfect example of someone who dared to make a difference. He was a teenager and he had every opportunity to misbehave but he chose not to. And by so doing, he made a difference. Daniel also was a man who made a difference while he was a teen. He proposed in his heart not to defile himself with the king’s meal. The proposer in his mind was his determination. He held on to it even while others did not.

The reward of being different was also seen in the life of Joseph. He stood before kings and not mere men. He rose to the position he was promised. You call attention when you are different.

We have all made mistakes and had failures at some point in life but our determination has kept us moving. Wherever we are now is a product of our determination. Your determination would help you make the difference.

To make a difference, you need to dare to be different. Determination is the dare of making a difference.

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3 thoughts on “Dare to Be Different

  1. Fantastic story i read it to my friend and and it really helped her because she thought that by not doing what she does I didn’t like her. AMEN

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