Dare to Be Different

Being different does not isolate you it rather it makes you noticeable. Being different does not also mean that you cannot do what your peers are doing. It rather makes you do what your peers are doing but in a different way which makes you more noticeable compared to others … More Dare to Be Different

“Victories Do Not Come By Hesitating…”

Hesitations make us forgo wonderful things we would have achieved. Hesitations build unnecessary doubt and fear in us. Do not allow doubt and fears rob you of living the beyond life. You should believe in yourself to live a life that set standards for others, your contemporaries included. … More “Victories Do Not Come By Hesitating…”

Love Makes You Above

You might be wondering the kind of LOVE that makes a man above. Perhaps how possible would love make you above? Read carefully to see how love makes you above. Heb 12:14 “strive for peace with all men, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord” RSV The phrase “strive for … More Love Makes You Above