“Victories Do Not Come By Hesitating…”

Living beyond is our theme for April, and when I saw it, I remember asking myself what it means to live beyond. What exactly does it take to live beyond?

We live here below, evaluating and measuring our entire life based on some parameters such as achievements/ results/ success/ promotions, all of which are standards set by the people we have chosen to emulate. These are the norms and values of our society.

Living beyond is living the exceptional life.

Living above the standards set by people/society and creating your very own standard in life. Living to become a new standard others emulate.

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Living the beyond life requires you to do one thing—see ahead. You see ahead of time through adequate planning and preparation. Seeing ahead is looking over the present circumstances which might not be favorable. Those circumstances only try to make us live less than what we should.

The farther you see, the farther you achieve. You see ahead to live ahead. Dream big, act bigger. Your actions propel you towards your wonderful dream.

To live beyond, get your dreams together and act them in reality.

Doubt and fear are the main circumstances that we should be ready to deal with to live the beyond life.

Hesitations make us forgo wonderful things we would have achieved. Hesitations build unnecessary doubt and fear in us. Do not allow doubt and fears rob you of living the beyond life. You should believe in yourself to live a life that set standards for others, your contemporaries included.

Imagine if Daniel in the University of Babylon had allow fear and doubt outrage the God given wisdom and knowledge inside of him, he wouldn’t have become the best at what he did. Also, Joseph wouldn’t have been the second in command in Egypt if he was overcome by fear and doubt even when he had to face a king!!

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Do you have a plan on doing something you’ve always wanted to do? Are you tired of making plans and not setting them on motion? Are you scared of what “people” would say?

Know that “you are what you make yourself” Don’t be afraid to live out that dream.

I saw a message somewhere sometime; it says ‘Do it Afraid’. If you are afraid to do something, it’s much better if you would do it feeling scared. There would have at least been a result from it, rather than just folding your arms in doubt and fear (hesitations).

Live beyond by taking the step of seeing ahead and acting the dreams into reality. Truthfully, our Victories do not come by hesitating but by taking a single bold step.

See Ahead
Act Reality
Live beyond!!!

I hope you were able to get something from this? Do leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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