Be the Storm

I was chatting with a brother few days ago and I between the conversation, he said.. “Bro, at this stage I am, if I see the opportunity, I’d do drugs trafficking, if possible I’d sell my kidney”. And I was like, when did it get to this level, since when have you been nursing up this idea? But he replied me that I shouldn’t bother cos it’s his life.

The next day as I woke up, the conversation came to my mind and I started pondering about his life, at least the little I know about his story. Trying to find how he got to this stage, I realized that he has never been a storm in his life, instead he has allowed himself to be carried about by every new wave in town. He had once gone into football- going for trials, gone for movie auditions, music auditions and all sorts. But never for once knew what he really wanted.

I’m sharing this story with you because so many have passed this stage he is presently and have ended badly, while some are on their way to the stage he is presently. What about you?.

Ain’t you also like my friend who wants to make it in life but do not know what to do and when frustrated is willing to do anything to make it, be it legitimate or not.

Don’t allow yourself to be carried away by every new wave, why not be the Storm?
Don’t allow yourself to be lured away by every new trend in town, why not carve a niche for yourself.

You have been hearing about purpose and vision and it seems as if you are never going to comprehend those two words, why not see them as the biggest lie in planet earth but sit to think of what you want for yourself?

There are more than a thousand ways to make it to the top legitimately, but if you are not careful and precise, you will die trying a handful of them without any results.

It’s not too late to take the wheel of your life and swerve fast before you hit the rocks.

  • Sit yourself down
  • Ask yourself questions
  • Map out ideas
  • Seek career advice
  • Seek financial advise
  • Don’t stay idle, and don’t overwork yourself
  • Realize it’s not always about the money but about fulfilment
  • Seek to be fulfilled
  • Seek God’s guidance to make it all work.

Be the Storm, Bro.

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