Embracing your Uniqueness

You are irreplaceable. No photocopy. There is no one like you. No one would ever be like you. No one would ever think and act like you. Take a few steps to any mirror close to you, look closely, I mean really closely. Smile, breath, and see how dreamy you look. See how your reflection shines and beams because you are the only thing man has not being able to recreate. There! You will know how craft worthy you are. You will see that no one has been able to put two and two together to be able to tell who you are. No one can predict your actions no matter how easy and open you are because no one, I mean nobody can define who you are. Because you are beyond definition.

Be you. Embracing change is circumstantial and accepting change is knowing that things can not always remain the same.

Beyond definition is not only adapting to the idea that you are unique because of what so many people have been able to say to make you feel better. It is succumbing to the truth, that you are you. That you are wonderfully and fearfully made. That you don’t need to look at the magazines, the television screen and models on the run way to be able to feel and look beautiful. There are so many different hand-writings out there, just as no one can ever be you. Everyone is different and silky in their own kind of way. When people try to depict you in their own sense of style because of what they perceive to be right. Be bold and tell them that you are beautiful in every way.

Your peculiarity should be those things you really don’t like about yourself. I mean, we all want a little bit of this and that added to us. We got to be able to see every disadvantage as a difference as to why we can’t be like everyone else. That is God’s distinctive mark about us His children. God does not want us all a bunch of twins, that is why he made us all beautiful in His own way. No matter How ugly you may feel, just always know that you are another person’s beautiful.

So, it’s not all about feeling beautiful; you can  choose also to be different in all you do. I heard a pastor saying this one time that, if you have a group of people thinking alike in an organization, then that organization is not growing. This is where your  sense of style comes in. Don’t be too afraid to speak, and don’t be too fast to speak. No matter how unrealistic you think your Idea is, Start by trying out something. Those big gadgets you are so excited about came from just a thought, to an idea, to an action. Everyone is always afraid of a change, but you must learn to see change as part of life because that is the only way you can see growth.

Be unpredicted today. Do something that will leave everyone astounded. Be you in an upgraded way. Be the advance model of you. Seek for change, Don’t be too comfortable where you are. Don’t be too circled in that thought of becoming better someday, because that someday is now. That ‘when I grow up’ is already here. That future you have been hoping for is here already. Don’t let it pass out by you just wishing.

Take a deep breath, don’t fake change because people demand it. See change as a plus not a minus. As a division from every odds and impossibilities from your life. See it as a multiplication towards an enviable change that is now.

Be Beyond Definition!


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