Ebunoluwa, The Girl Who Fought For Others

Ebunoluwa is a very brilliant girl, she is known for fighting justice in school. Being an active member of the Press club in her school, she has represented the school in several inter school debate.

Ebun has looked for a way to eradicate sexual harassment, bullying, and theft in her school. Her  school is a federal boarding school where teachers are scared of punishing the students when they do something wrong, since they could beat them up on their way home. Several girls have been victims of rape and sexual harassment, especially those in the Junior Secondary School, parents who have the money to enroll their children in private schools withdrew their kids, but those who don’t have such money could only pray for the safety of their children.

This went on for years without an intervention, until Ebun got into the senior secondary school, she became the Press club president at SS1; this gave her an edge to fight for justice for other weak students. She saw the head boy of the school who is supposed to protect the students harassing a junior student with his friends. In anger she rushed to the HOD of the art department to report them since she couldn’t do anything on that spot, who apparently ignored her knowing how dangerous those boys are.

The sexual harassment kept increasing daily till Ebun was finally able to form a campaign against bullying and sexual harassment in the school, several victims came out of their hide outs to share their story, they became stronger through team work and unity, which influenced her to start up a defense club which includes a court of law in school.

Some students were grouped into different teams, including the police and lawyer teams. The seniors classes were judges on little matters, but on difficult ones the principal was the chief judge. Whenever a student was wrongly punished by seniors or even harassed, the victim would file a case against the accuse, and the case would be brought forward. This action of justice made the school peaceful, bullies were severely dealt with, juniors had freedom to move and speak without a fear of been bullied.

The principal and others were so proud of her, which made them nominate her to be awarded a scholarship by the school’s PTA to study law in the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. Till date, the school still maintains the defense club and it has helped several students voice out, it has also improved students to be able to fight for justice and exposed them intellectually which made the school have the highest number of students who get admitted to study Law, Journalism, criminology and other courses in Nigeria.

No action is too small to make impact, just an action could change the lives of several people.



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