My Early Days and Talents | by Amao Williams Praise

A long way from here; reminiscing my former days…

I remember! Yes! I remember when I was a little boy, wanting to become a pilot; my dad would ask me then, “Praise, what do you intend to become in future?”, my little self would reply thus: “D…a…d…d…y… I want to become a pilot”, “why do you want to become a pilot?” My dad would ask; my little self would reply: “Because I will love to drive my family to any place in the world”. Lol, isn’t it funny? I just loved to see aeroplanes flying in the sky, I really loved it then, to the extent of being anxious to see it everyday. If I was in the house, and I suddenly hear the sound of an aeroplane, I would rush outside to see the aeroplane passing in the sky. Then, I loved to tell myself this: “Aeroplane, one day I will ride you, I will soon become a pilot in the future”.
All these happened when I was still a little boy, when I had little knowledge about life in general. But you know what? I started growing up, I discovered as I was growing, I began losing interest in becoming a pilot. I began to discover some great talents in me. I noticed I just had interest in becoming a pilot as a kid then, it wasn’t part of me at all.

I began to fall in love with new things – I began to love music, singing, instruments {keyboard, saxophone, guitar, violin, etc…}, books {motivational, inspirational and poetry}; I began loving medical science, I also loved children a lot, especially the little ones, I just love to be around them. I also began to love beans a lot. Whenever I am indulging in the things I loved, I’m always happy and relaxed. Well, I noticed that the love I had for all these didn’t die or wither because they are things I naturally acquire. In addition to that, I love studying people, animals and nature. I just love it so much. Don’t just live with me for a week, ’cause I will study everything about you, and you wouldn’t know, believe me.

My talents didn’t die, do you know why? Let me tell you – I didn’t allow my talents to wither, I kept feeding, watering, and nurturing it.

I developed myself with my talents. I kept indulging in them, and used every opportunity that came my way. It became part of me. That was why I really loved my inborn gifts and talents, and I think I’m yet to discover all. Above all, I made God the first in my life, He helped me to discover these talents of mine.

God is the giver of talents, just make Him the first in your life and you will start to discover some great talents in you, believe me. I repeat, GOD IS THE GIVER OF TALENTS.


About the Writer

Amao Williams Praise is a motivational/inspirational writer, pianist, saxophonist and
a poet. He is a student of the prestigious Osun State University, Osogbo, where he is
currently studying Physiology. Born in Lagos State, he is a native of Osun State in Iwo
area of south-west, Nigeria. He is a poet,whose goal, vision and
dream is to transform the world of mankind through poetry. He has a passion that is geared towards changing the world with mind blowing poems that will motivate and inspire all generations. He began poetry not for gain, but for the love and passion he derives from it. He loves to write poems based on nature, feelings and happenings. He loves medical science a lot, and loves to be around little ones. He is an inquisitive boy, that loves to learn and read so much. Studying people, nature and animals is not an exception to his distinct nature.
He is well known as willipraise.


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