Why You Should Possess Skills

Acquiring skills borders on two things – relevance and enablement. Society today places a high premium on the person who has mastered how to muster the resources required to achieve his set goals – the person who gets things done.

Skills, not just a certificate from ivory towers, are the actual empowerment. The reason there is a disjoint relationship between what we get in our institution’s educational system and the skills we need to live is that our life experiences are personalized. … More Why You Should Possess Skills

Maximizing Your Gifts and Talents

That gift or talent that you have is not to be buried or hid. Rather, it is to be maximized, expanded and used to bless the lives of people around you and even the world at large.

We are simply saying, make good use of your talents and gifts in ways beyond you. … More Maximizing Your Gifts and Talents