The Importance of Fashion | by Toluwalase Ayomide Bismark

  • Fashion is important because you don’t just want to walk out of your house looking unreasonable.
  • Fashion expresses oneself physically
  • Fashion leaves first impression. The way you dress to an interview determines if you’d even be interviewed or not, let alone get the job. How you talk too is a form of fashion.
  • It helps to identify you, who you are, or help locate you in the crowd by how you are dressed
  • It can be used as a form of escapism (Movies taught me this) like after committing a crime and changing your outfit for disguise not to be identified
  • It builds conference, self-esteem and power.
  • It helps to create your own look
  • It reflects your values and taste, so that not just anybody can walk up to you if you look good
  • It is a form of communication that brings respect
  • It is a window into how we live as a culture


Toluwalase Ayomide Bismark
Ayomide Bismark


Fashion is not what you see worn by supermodels and designed by famous designers. Fashion is you, your lifestyle, your belief, your religion, your desire, and your creativity. Sometimes you need not to pay an arm or a leg to buy brand wears in order to be fashionable.

I’m a kind of person that makes fun with fashion. I’ve worn a gym cloth to Church on a Sunday before just because it rained and was cold outside. I mean who cares what people judge you? If it makes you feel comfortable, confidence and good, then wear it! Fashion is art and lifestyle. I’m arty

Let me say Fashion is not mostly all about the outside. Your underwear is fashion. I love underwear a lot, it comforts me and I’m glad to know I have them on wherever I am. I’m not an all-fitting-colours to match them though but it helps a lot.

What if something happens?! What if I get stained and I can’t go home and it’s really important to be where I am, certainly not with stained clothes. It’s easy to get into the ladies room and get the stain off me, why? I have my underwear on! It reduces the risk of being visibly gross in the public.

In cool weathers, underwear comes in when I need that little warmth also when I’m out in the rain all wet with a light material on. I thank my underwear for at least being a body cover. I don’t have to worry about looking stupid when I’m in that situation.

Next, we’ll discuss “ladies’ wardrobe”. See ya!

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About the Writer

Toluwalase Ayomide Bismark is a lady who is passionate about fashion and hopes to own her own fashion school someday. She hails from Ogun State, Nigeria, and loves to write about her environment and the less priviledge. She loves God and kids. She loves all shades of colours too.


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