My School Crush-2

…We agreed to meet at exactly 2pm in my guest house. We were so excited about the evening, as we collapsed in each other bodies after our yet exotic love-making, just to see the face of the person who opened the door of our room gave me a shock I could never relieve myself from… Excerpt … More My School Crush-2

My School Crush- 1

The day I decided I couldn’t hold it in any longer was the night we were both sent on an official assignment, so we slept in a hotel just for that day, Dayo suggested we share the same room, I didn’t argue, I even loved the idea so I could finally tell him how I have been feeling for the past NINE years. I started with a light topic by how he was never serious with girls, that he was not getting any younger. He just smiled and told me he had a surprise for me… … More My School Crush- 1