“Always define your relationship with any guy”- Eluwande Elumide Pheobe

Phoebe knows some things aren’t real and shouldn’t be fed at all. Here, she talks about a once-upon-a-time crush who wanted nothing but her, and how peer pressure led her into what she wasn’t comfortable with. Keep reading to know how she got away with it…

I have come to realize that many teenagers are walking towards a particular experience I had as a teenager, so I really do hope that this experience I’m about to share will help someone.

I am Elumide Eluwande Phoebe, and here is my story about a Crush and Peer Pressure

I was in junior secondary school 3 when I met him. It was in an inter-school debate; I was a debater then—the best. I defeated anyone, as long as it had to do with debates.
I was a snub and also a gentle girl, and while it wasn’t pride, some people thought it was.

What got me attracted to him was his love for God at that tender age, or should I say it was his looks?
Everything he said, or did was moderate. He spoke a lot about Christ and, at that tender age, had a ministry.

After the debate, he came to me, asking for just friendship and nothing more; I agreed to be his friend. I didn’t have a phone then so we didn’t get in touch even though the feelings remained.
We met again, when I was in SS1 but we couldn’t talk to each other; while I would have loved to jump on him and all, I couldn’t because I was shy.

He never made funny gestures to me; all he wanted was to be friends with the one everyone called a SNUB—the name students, including his friends, called me. Talking one-on-one wasn’t an easy thing to do, so we chatted via social media.

On the day of his Valedictory Service, I did something very wrong. I didn’t want to go but my friends invited me, so I just had to. Then it happened that those ones I called friends persuaded me to give him a hug if I truly loved him. I really didn’t want to do it but I needed to prove my friends wrong, so I hugged him, and for minutes, he didn’t let me go; leaving me to believe that there was more to our friendship. I did it out of peer pressure.

It was then his behaviour towards me changed, he always wanted to be known with me; his feelings grew with time.
I had to force my way out of him; his so called love; I knew it wasn’t real…

Moral Lessons:

  1. As a teenager, you really do not have to prove people wrong, especially if the aftermath may pose a problem for you.
    The hug was to prove a point to people around me, which wasn’t really needed.

  2. Always define your relationship with any guy, its helps a lot so you won’t get hooked along the line.
    If only I had defined the relationship from the onset, I wouldn’t have had such tough time as I did.

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Eluwande Elumide Phoebe

About the Writer

Eluwande Elumide Phoebe is an ambassador for Youth Alive Network (YAN), an aspiring Medical student, and a lady with a high self esteem. She also advocates for Sexual Purity.

You can connect with her on Facebook or via her Email address: eluwandephoebe@gmail.com


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